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A bit about Descendants by Isobel aged 10

Descendants is about four villain kids who go to Auradon   – the good side – and Ben, the son of Belle and future king, shows them the way of good and in time they become good but it’s not long until Mal can’t handle it for in Descendants two Mal goes back to the Isle of the Lost- the bad place-  and Uma and Harry are now the big baddies and want to have more than Mal. if you wish to know more about Descendants, maybe watch the film so you get a better idea of  the characters and the film.

Why people like Descendants

I think people like Descendants because, well it’s wicked and it shows them that anyone can change no matter how bad or good and also, I think it can get kids to do a little sing along. Also, I think they like it because it can be funny.

Is it a good influence?

Well I think it is since it kind of tells kids not to be bad because it’s not really worth it and it tells them anyone can change so let’s say you were being bullied you could try and help them be nice no matter how mean they are. Also, I think it tells kids to stand up for what is right not wrong.

Evil queens daughter= Evie

Jaffa’s son=Jade

Cruella de Vil’s son=Carlos

Maleficents daughter-Mal