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A Dream is a wish your heart makes…

Cinderella Party

We love magic and sparkles and we certainly love parties when we have not one but two princesses!  This weekend I had the pleasure of being one of my favourite Princesses, Cinderella. Cinderella is a classical princess who loves playing games and singing lots of songs. I was joined by the lovely Elsa from our good friends over at The Storybook Princess. We started the party off by surprising the birthday girl and making special time to get to know all the children!

Children love bubbles and I find this a great icebreaker and really gets the children involved. I like to have a competition to see who catches the most bubbles, this always works well!

Having two Princesses at your party is a fantastic way to add more Disney songs and singalong time! We chose favourites from Frozen and Cinderella and the children loved to sing along on the microphone.  The birthday girl was only three but she was amazing at singing and she loved holding our hands and being the centre of attention. We have lots of different ways to interact during the singing and we can always find a subtle way to include the shyest of children.

I love singing ‘A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes’ as you can really tell a story and after we have glitter wishes. The children think of a special wish and then they use the glitter to wish on the stars with! The children also enjoyed singing with Elsa ‘Do you want to build a snowman’ is a massive favourite and we had great fun acting out the scenes from the film.

Cinderella Parties for Children

We had an awful lot to fit into an hour but for little children our 1 hour package is perfect. Alongside a game and photo opportunities we had the wonderful crowning ceremony. This is a memorable part of the party as the birthday girl really becomes a princess with her own crown, certificate and birthday present!

Cinderella and Elsa had a wonderful time and it really is the best job in the world! Seeing the joy and amazement of the children is magical and we love bringing a touch of childhood magic to each party.

Cinderella Parties Nottingham

Each princess I play requires a slightly different character and watching the Disney films helps lots! I also work on bringing the songs to life in my vocal sessions with my singing teacher, Lynne Wayman.  It’s so important to train and keep my singing skills up to scratch, this really allows me to become a real Disney Princess!  My party set up and decorations also differ with accents to each individual princess. This is the fun part of planning the party, I love accessories.

Until next time- keep wishing upon that star and keep believing in your dreams!

Princess Katie xxxx