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Character Experience Booking Form

Character Visit Booking Form

Please complete the details requested below so we can process your visit. Please note that bookings will only be processed and confirmed once the required booking fee is received.  To request a paper copy of this form please email or call 07795 342639.


Updated October 15th 2020

Inline with current Government guidelines, we have carried out the following risk assessment, relating to any performances and character visits undertaken in outdoor spaces including, but not limited to, driveways, parks and gardens and character visits taking place indoors in private homes.


  • Access to the performance space must be clear and straightforward minimising the risk of characters touching any surfaces in your home.

  • Please ensure that you or a member of your household escorts the character through your home with them opening any gates or doors for our entertainer to minimise the risk of infection transmission on surfaces such as gate latches and door handles.

  • We are able to phone you on arrival if you wish rather than knocking on your door.

Contact with children / adults / guests

  • To avoid risks of transmission and stay as safe as possible, you should always maintain social distancing with people you do not live with – indoors and outdoors which includes our entertainers. You should only have close social contact with others in your household.

  • Your entertainer is classed as a service provider and is NOT included in the rule of 6 or classed as another household. 

  • Following the guidelines this means that guests and children should not touch or hug the entertainer.

  • The responsibility of ensuring your guests safety at a party lies with the host (client not the entertainer). This will be yourself if you are holding a child’s party or visit in your own home, as you owe a duty of care to visitors at your home.

  • We ask that a performance space is prepared for us that enables a minimum of 2 metres distance between us and the children / guests. We are fully mobile and wireless, so we have the flexibility to move around should we need to, in order to maintain adequate distance from the children / guests

  • Whilst we will ensure that our entertainers remain socially distant from guests it is the clients responsibility that any guests or children observe the social distancing guidelines. It is imperative that adults / parents / guardians remain vigilant in supervising the session, to prevent any issues and ensuring that the children are kept socially distant from the entertainers.

    Equipment & Props

  • Wherever possible our set up is self contained, and battery operated, therefore negating the need for handling any electrical leads. If we need access to power we will make you aware beforehand so we can be positioned near a socket or for you to prepare an extension cable beforehand.

  • We will fully sanitise any equipment using alcohol gel and/or wipes both before and after the visit.

  • Any props used will be sanitised before hand and guests will be given their own prop which should only be handled by them.

  • At the end of the game or session the props will be handed safely back to the entertainer by the children, placing in a bag or box.

    Games & Prizes

  • Any games or routines are devised to ensure that guests remain socially distant.

  • If prizes or sweets will be given out they will be distributed safely by the entertainer rather than the children helping themselves.

    Face Coverings

    Masks are not required by law for private homes however should you require our entertainers to wear a face covering please advise before the visit.

    Government Guidance

    We cannot, by law, advise you or interpret for you current government guidance – it is our responsibility to ensure that our entertainers follow the guidance however in respect to the people present at the visit you (the host / booker) are responsible for seeking out and adhering to any government guidance and interpreting it. Details of this can be found on the Government website here: ​


We are trying to encourage contactless method of payments during the pandemic. Outstanding balances payment should be paid ​directly to your entertainer by bank transfer or PayPal friends and family. If you can only pay by cash on the day, we ask that the payment be passed to us safely.

Personal Health

As an additional precaution, our entertainers are monitoring their own health daily and taking every possible measure to maintain social distancing and good hygiene. Should your entertainer start to display any of the Covid-19 symptoms, I will endeavour to source a suitable and safe replacement. If this is not possible we shall not hesitate to contact you to cancel or postpone your visit.

Our PLI covers us for performances within these parameters, providing the above measures are adhered to.

Although we have taken every precaution to address any significant risk, we cannot predict unforeseen situations that may arise on the day – we will endeavour to address these situations to the best of our ability, with the safety of all parties at the forefront of our decision making.

Please note that an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public or private place where people are present

Other matters arising

  • The entertainer will provide their own PA (unless otherwise stated) along with any other required equipment (eg. lights, bubble machine). The Entertainer’s equipment is ​not for use by any guests.

  • Any amendments to this booking must be made in writing at least 30 days prior to the visit excluding music choices. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that the visit runs as planned and on time. Under no circumstances will the Entertainer stay beyond the agreed time. A late start does not constitute grounds for a late finish or cancellation.

  • Vetting and Barring (DBS formerly CRB checks) – ​​This is not legally required (and cannot be obtained for Children’s Entertainers) as we are ​​not to be left alone with ​and ​​not legally covered ​for supervision of children or vulnerable adults.


    A ​non-refundable ​booking fee​* is required along with the completed booking form to secure your booking. The fee covers administrative costs when reserving your date, assets, equipment and any material goods required to provide your party and entertainment. Failure to pay the booking fee will result in the date being made available to other clients.

    * Flexibility during the Covid-19 Pandemic

If your booking has to be cancelled due to local lockdown, changes in guidance or someone in your household is exhibiting symptoms we will either reschedule your booking, transfer to an online service or you will be entitled to a​ full refund​ of the booking fee.

Your booking fee must be paid by Bank Transfer OR PayPal friends and family ​stating your surname and date of party using the details below.

Bank transfer:

Bank: ​​Lloyds Bank
Address: ​​76 Front Street, Arnold, Nottingham, NG5 7EJ Account Name: ​​Get Happy Entertainment
Sort code: ​​77-22-17
Account: ​​4861 0268


PayPal Friends and Family​ to

Please note we ​​cannot ​take payments over the phone.

Bookings are not processed and confirmed until the form and booking fee has been received and has been acknowledged. Your booking will be confirmed by email. If you do not receive acknowledgement of the booking ​​please contact us.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation may only take place by mutual consent and any such cancellation must be confirmed in writing and acknowledged by Get Happy! Entertainment.

Cancellation of this contract shall be as follows (minus any booking fee that may have been paid):

  1. More than 30 days from the performance date; no fee payable

  2. Between 22 – 30 days from performance date; 25% of the remaining fee.

  3. Between 15 – 21 days from the performance date; 50% of the remaining fee.

  4. Between 8 – 14 days from the performance date; 75% of the remaining fee.

  5. Between 1 – 7 days from the performance date; the full remaining fee payable.

  6. This contract reflecting the terms and conditions as verbally agreed shall be deemed accepted only when either:
    a. The Booking form is completed and returned in 7 days.
    b. It is not exchanged within the prescribed 7 days and no written objection has been made within this period

  • In the unlikely event the booking has to be cancelled due to Force Majeure or illness the booking fee can be transferred to a new date and the cancellation fee waived

  • If the Entertainer is unable to perform due to any reason we will try and find a satisfactory solution either with another entertainer or rescheduling. We will endeavour to provide as much notice as possible.

  • In the unlikely event the Entertainer has to cancel, for example due to a car breakdown or illness then the client will be issued with a full refund of ​​all​​ fees paid.

  • Get Happy! Entertainment acts as an agency therefore all Entertainers are responsible for their own Public Liability Insurance.

  • The Entertainer ​​MUST​​ have a reserved parking space as close to the performance area as possible.