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Bad Behaviour

Always a tough subject this one.  Being a Children’s Entertainer requires many skills, especially character entertainers.   Just by looking great in a costume and wig is one very small part, we have to be organised, great with kids, punctual and have the ability to think on our feet.

We don’t want to spend the party discipling naughty children – that is not why we are there

Bad behaviour at parties is disruptive and it’s disrespectful to everyone else there but especially the birthday child, the parent that has made the booking and the entertainer.

Previous incidents

Our entertainers have been hit, kicked, had their party equipment damaged, their prizes and sweets taken without asking – bad behaviour is damaging to the party industry – as professionals we don’t go to work to be physically abused and it’s a big reason why may entertainers are leaving the industry.

  • On playing pass the parcel an entertainer was kicked in the back because the child was demanding a turn
  • On running a party a child repeatedly punched an entertainer in the arm
  • A bubble machine was turned completely upside down spilling the contents all over the floor
  • A bubble machine was grabbed and the bubble fluid was tipped all over the entertainers music system
  • Prizes and sweets have been booted without permission
  • Children have gone into the entertainers changing area and tipped orange juice over their bags and belongings
  • At a star wars party an entertainer was repeatedly hit on the head with a light saber
  • Numerous incidents of banged heads and fights

The above is just an example of some of the issues that we have had recently and since the pandemic and returning to parties incidents have been more frequent and more aggressive.

Our entertainers are experienced at what they do but they are entertainers and they are there to do a job, if there are grown ups and parents at a party we expect them to step in if there is an issue with bad behaviour.

What can you do to help

  • BEHAVIOUR ISSUES – If there are children with known behavioural issues please make us aware before hand
  • NO LOOSE BALLOONS – We see this time and time again, the same with props. Loose balloons are either burst or the kids use them to hit each other with.  They are a MAJOR distraction – please do not have them.  Avoid any props as well.
  • KEEP DOORS CLOSED – Do not allow access to any outdoor areas – the kids need to be contained and kept together.
  • NOT LETTING THE CHILDREN TOUCH THE PARTY EQUIPMENT – We usually set up and then get changed into character, during this time please keep children away.
  • STEPPING IN – If you see that the kids are getting unruly please step in and help
It is not in our remit to discipline children when in the care of their parents/carers, we certainly wouldn’t want to be put in a position of upsetting anybody attending, and then receive a complaint for disciplining a child.
We are however very aware that children’s behaviour can be affected due to various underlying reasons, hence our terms and conditions state we cannot be held responsible for the behaviour of children attending, it is the role of the parent/carer to do so.