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Booking Entertainment for your Kid’s Party

Booking Entertainment for your Child’s Birthday

Throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic some children have missed 2 birthday’s where they can celebrate with their friends and family, this means that the thought of having to plan a birthday party suddenly becomes rather daunting!

Deciding on what to do for your child cam make it more complex in terms of what to do for them with so many choices – soft play, days out, bouncy castle or booking an entertainer to name just a few!

How to decide

Deciding on what to do for your child birthday party largely depends on what they are into and what sort of personality they are.  I have twins and when they were small a big party in a venue suited us as you were expected to invite the whole class, however if it had been just Carys I may have gone for a much smaller parties as she was never keen (and still isn’t) on large groups and the attention being on her.

You know your child best and what works for them.

The best age to book an entertainer 

This is going to be a case of what sort of entertainer you are looking to book – for characters they are best suited for ages 3 – 8, discos you can have an extended age range of maybe 7 and up and magicians are probably broader.

Things to consider when organising your child’s party or event.

Organising a birthday party for your child can feel overwhelming, your aim of course is to make them feel on top of the world and make their dreams come true, packing the maximum amount of fun and excitement into just a few hours is no easy feat, however, as each member of the Absolutely Amazing Parties cast will tell you, once they’ve arrived, it’s time for you to relax and enjoy the fun. With so many choices available to you, from soft play, bouncy castles, face painting etc it can sometimes be tempting to book everything and turn up the excitement to the max. Through our experience of thousands of parties, we have found it advisable that one form of entertainment is more than enough. When multiple options are available at the same party, it tends to divide and distract the children which can result in a less collective fun experience.

Your Theme

The first is the theme of your event, most entertainment companies run a set of different themed packages for the events they provide. The first thing you need to look for when speaking to a company or looking at their website, is the themes, characters and packages they can offer to you, and whether they align with your vision for your party or event.


It should be noted however, given the right amount of time to prepare, a good entertainment company will be able to create a package for you, even if that package wasn’t originally in their repertoire. Absolutely Amazing Parties have been able to do this on a number of occasions. We can also adjust our party packages to suit your needs, providing a mix and match of your favourite characters, games and music.


When looking at a company, their reviews are well worth looking through beforehand. Each company’s page should have a section dedicated to their reviews and comments, looking at the frequency of these reviews and postings is also a good indicator of the company’s popularity. You can look us up on our website, as well as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok and Google.

Booking In Advance:

With regard to the demand for entertainers, the floodgates are officially open, so a priority to consider is to always have a date and time in mind and book well in advance. This also goes for your choice of venue, pre-booking a suitable venue well in advance can save any unnecessary stress as the date approaches. If you are planning on having entertainment in your home, especially during winter months, your only concern is the space you’ll require, in which case, we can work with you and offer a number of party packages best suited for your home environment. When booking with us, you can follow this link to enquire about our party packages:


When corresponding with the company, and with your assigned entertainer, it’s always important to provide as much information as possible. The more we know about your planned event, as well as your child’s likes, dislikes and any other information will help us prepare and deliver the party you envisioned. Telling us about your Child is advantageous, as it lets our entertainers know what your child is into, and to what degree. Having their favourite character turn up already knowing things that are important to them, will always make them feel extra special. Your assigned entertainer will contact you on the run up to your event and go through all the details with you.  

Choosing your Entertainers:

You can gauge a company’s success rate and professionalism by how long they have been in operation, coupled with their recommendations, together with the range of their performers. We have trained Actors, Singers, Dancers and Presenters, each with their own unique credits in other media. Absolutely Amazing Parties has been in operation since 2013 and has provided excellent entertainment to thousands of families across the East Midlands. Though our primary area of operation remains in the East Midlands, we are now proudly able to entertain families on every continent via the virtual online content we now offer.

Absolutely Amazing Parties provides a wide range of party packages, characters and content to suit your every entertainment need. We hope that you have found this information useful and we hope to be able to assist you in booking your next big event!