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July 31 | Eats & Beats
July 31 | Eats & Beats

Eats and Beats with Little Feet!

Children’s Festival Nottinghamshire

We are thrilled to be taking part in the first Children’s Festival happening at Sherwood Glade, Nottinghamshire on July 31st

Eats and Beats with Little Feet


Planning your child’s Virtual Birthday Party

We know that it’s been a tough year for kids but we have also been shown how resilient and adaptable they are. Your child’s formative years are special and you may all be disappointed that you can’t celebrate in the usual way but we have the technology at our fingertips to ensure that your child’s birthday can still be celebrated in style with their closest family and friends with an online party.

Where do I start?

It can be daunting for us parents and we have all had to learn new ways of doing things as we navigate through this pandemic. We have found that children have been brought up with technology and they have adapted really well to our online parties and facetime – much more so than we could have ever anticipated.

Firstly we will talk you through the technology you need:
The most effective way is to use the conferencing platform Zoom (search ‘download zoom’). Zoom can be used online, on an app on your phone or iPad or as a download on your laptop. The free version allows you 40 minutes of time with up to 100 guests. This is adequate time for your party allowing 5 – 10 minutes for everyone to join and then 30 minutes with your character.

  1. If you don’t have Zoom then it is very easy to download on your laptop, tablet or phone.
  2. You can find a beginners guide for Zoom here
  3. Make a list of all the people you want to invite and if possible grab their email addresses as this makes the invitation process to you online party really easy.
  4. Schedule your party on Zoom – You can create a group on WhatsApp or Facebook and copy and paste the details of your party or you can send the invitation by email.
  5. Full instructions on how to schedule your party can be found here
  6. The youtube guide above can be shared of your friends and family are unsure.
  7. Allow 5 minutes at the beginning of you party for people to join.
  8. If you are able you can ‘airplay’ the meeting to a TV. If you have a smart TV that’s very easyhowever on older TV’s you can purchase an inexpensive HDMI cable to link your laptop /tablet / phone to your TV. HMDi cables are available with many different connectors.
  9. If you are new to using Zoom please do a trial run using a few of your friends so you knowexactly what you need to do on the day of the party. Make sure you are familiar with the app.
  10. We are on hand should you have any problems at all
  11. It is much easier for you to host the party as it gives you full control
  12. Please remember to send the details to your entertainer so they can also join

What party theme should I choose?

Treat your online party in the same way as an actual party. We specialise in character entertainment from pirates through to princesses and superheroes. Ask your child what theme they would like and ask all the children attending to dress up in the theme as well – you never know even the grown ups might take part!

If you cannot see the theme you are looking for please just ask – we have over 70 characters to choose from.

Personalised to your child

As with all of our parties, the party is customised to your child. We adapt based on age and interest and how many are attending the party. Each party we do is as unique as your child.

We ask a few key questions at booking including their age and name but we also ask for details about them such as what makes them giggle, what music do they like- anything you feel we ought to know please add this to your booking form.

Before the party

Your entertainer will make contact with you within the week of your party to finalise any details.

On the day

  1. Make sure you have everything ready to go including your costumes and birthday cake.
  2. Open up your party at the agreed time at which point your guests can request to join using the link that you sent them
  3. Please keep your character / actor in the waiting room – they should be the last person to jointhe party
  4. Once everyone is settled and online text/make contact with your character to ensure that they join the party if they are not in the waiting room
  5. For best results please mute all participants except yourself and the entertainer once the party gets started. This prevents the party from being overwhelmed – your guests can still see and hear but you won’t be able to hear them. You can unmute them when it’s time to sing happy birthday – your entertainer will usually give you instructions on when to mute / unmute – your guests can also mute themselves
  6. There is an option in Zoom to record the meeting-we strongly recommend you do this so you can record your party to look back on
  7. You will want your entertainer to have the largest screen on Zoom – you can do this by switching from ‘gallery view’ to ‘speaker view’ in the top right corner
  8. For a more comprehensive breakdown of running a meeting on Zoom this video is very useful

What happens during a party

Much of the content for an online party will depend on the character but typically will include:

  • Ice breakers and introductions
  • Superhero Training or Princess Training
  • Superhero Oath or Princess Promise
  • Sing along / Story time
  • Quiz / Game
  • Dance routine
  • Singing happy birthday

What happens after your party:

  1. We will contact you for feedback to make sure that you were happy – as a small business online recommendations really help us and we will send links
  2. We will send you a downloadable character message for you to keep as a memento
  3. We will send a personalised letter and certificate through the post for you child
  4. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us on 07795 342639.
Panning a Virtual Children’s Birthday Party
August 19 – Lunch with Woody

We are excited to be working with the Bean Block Cafe!

Lunch With Woody!!!

NEW DATE…Wednesday 26th AUGUST.

If you want to join us for Lunch with Woody 🤠 please inbox us with your mobile number and how many children will be coming.

Tickets will include:

🤠 A whole hour of Woody and everything cowboy at our cafe (music, dancing, socially distanced games, photo opportunities)

🤠 Table booking from 11.00am until 1pm

🤠 Decorate your own cowboy hat activity

🤠 Any little lunch from our menu

🤠 A cold drink

🤠 A cupcake

Tickets are £15 per child and we only have 20 spaces available. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

Contact for booking information

December 22/23/24 Breakfast With Santa

Breakfast with Santa at the Woodend Inn

Dates: December 22,23 and 24

Times: 9 – 11 am

Location: The Woodend Inn, Chesterfield Road, Huthwaite, NG17 2QJ

Price: TBC

Booking: Please call the Woodend to Book on 01773 872 231


Oct 28 | Starlight Week Crich

Monday 28th Oct. – Crich’s Great Show – includes illuminations switch on
Children aged 4 -15 years have the opportunity to enter a competition to ‘switch on the lights’ (Enter from 2pm – 4pm on the day).
Circus workshops in the Learning Centre 12pm – 5pm
Shows and entertainment at Town End including switch on show
Amber Sound Radio broadcasting during the afternoon
Enchanted Forest trail along woodland walk all week (weather permitting – bring a torch)
Open from 10am – 8.30pm. Last Admissions 7pm. Last tram 8pm.

Tuesday 29th Oct. – Pirates and Princess Day
Pirate workshop shows at Town End
Fairy Princess in Enchanted Forest Trail along woodland walk. Make a wish on the wishing tree (weather permitting – bring a torch)
Make pirate hats in the Learning Centre – 1pm – 5pm
Open 10am – 7.30pm. Last admissions 6pm. Last tram 7pm

Wednesday 30th Oct. – Toy Tales
Look-a-like characters from the animated film. Shows at Town End.
Make a fork friend in the Learning Centre – 1pm – 5pm
Open 10am – 7.30pm. Last admissions 6pm. Last tram 7pm

Thursday 31st Oct. (Halloween) – Wizards and Villains
Spooky Fun Shows at Town End (at 4pm; 5pm and 6pm)
Make a wand in the Learning Centre – 1pm – 5pm
Villain and Good Wizard in Enchanted Forest Trail (weather permitting – bring a torch)
Children aged 4 -15 who dress as Wizards or Halloween characters get free admission on this day.
Open 10am – 7.30pm. Last admissions 6pm. Last tram 7pm

Friday 1st Nov. – Our Frozen Friday
Look-a-like characters from the animated film. Shows at Town End
Spoon puppets in Learning Centre – 1pm – 5pm
Open 10am – 7.30pm. Last admissions 6pm. Last tram 7pm

Saturday 2nd Nov – Starlight Party Time

Shows with light up costumes at Town End

Make fancy hats in the Learning Centre 12pm – 4pm
Disco 5.00pm – 7.00pm.

Open from 10am – 8.30pm. Last Admissions 7pm. Last tram 8pm.

Oct 30 | Princesses V Superheroes

Brookfields Garden Centre Superhero and Princess event

Wear your fanciest dress or your coolest superhero costume to party with Rapunzel and Spider-man!

After the excitement of partying with our characters you will refuel with a pizza and chips dinner and make a mask or tiara to take home with you.

£9.99 per child
Only children need tickets
Adults must be present but are limited to 2 per child due to space constraints.

Adults are welcome to purchase food and drink whilst they are here to eat in the party area, please note our main food service will be finish at 4pm but we will have our usual service of hot drinks and treats and snacks on offer after this time.

Bookable event only, book tickets on Brookfields website, link below

Numbers are very limited

Age 3+

** please note if there are any dietary requirements that need fulfilling we are happy to accommodate these, please email barbara.gibson@brookfields-gardencentre after you have made your booking with your requirements.

Aug 24,25,26 | Back to School Event

Back to School Family Event – Sat 24th to Mon 26th August 2019
Great Central Railway Loughborough

Great Central Railway are launching their first Back to School event and have chosen 2 very memorable books to explore. With the help from The Hungry Caterpillar and Baby Bear sit back, relax and let them take you back to when you were a child.  Our master story tellers from Absolutely Amazing Parties will be delivering reading sessions in their own inimitable style!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, the best-selling book which tells the story of a The Very Hungry Caterpillarravenous caterpillar eating its way through the week was first published in June 1969 and has since been translated into 62 languages.

Whatever Next! is the second Bear family adventure following the bestselling Peace at Last. Join Baby Bear as he finds a rocket, makes friends with an owl and has a picnic on the moon! A beautiful story of innocence and imagination, full of Jill Murphy’s characteristic warmth and humour.

Local author/illustrator, Rachel Greaves’ will be performing some of the stories in her series of children’s books about an Airedale Terrier called Ruffle and his adventures on a steam railway.  The stories combine Rachel’s love of Airedales with the English/Drama teacher’s knowledge of the GCR. Charming illustrations bring the mischievous Ruffle’s antics to life in books that are being enjoyed by children and adults alike!

Great Central railway also have Jon returning with Tula the Barn Owl, Sidney the Corn Snake, Pepper the Netherlands Dwarf Rabbit not forgetting Bonnie and Rocky the Bearded Dragons ……… and not forgetting we also have our friendly clown on board the train to entertain you while you travel through the Leicestershire countryside.

Please visit for more information

A bit about Descendants by Isobel aged 10

Descendants is about four villain kids who go to Auradon   – the good side – and Ben, the son of Belle and future king, shows them the way of good and in time they become good but it’s not long until Mal can’t handle it for in Descendants two Mal goes back to the Isle of the Lost- the bad place-  and Uma and Harry are now the big baddies and want to have more than Mal. if you wish to know more about Descendants, maybe watch the film so you get a better idea of  the characters and the film. (more…)

What makes a good Tinker Bell party by Carys aged 10

I think that that actress who is playing Tinker Bell needs to have seen the film so they get a brief idea how she acts and what her personality is. This helps the actor to be more like Tinker bell and how she feels about certain things.  (more…)