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Pink Ranger Character HIre  

Power rangers – Pink Ranger Character Hire 


“I Realised It’s Not Just The Costumes And Powers That Give Me Strength. It’s Who And What I Am Inside That Empowers Me.”

Kimberly Ann Hart is a member of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and when she’s not living a regular teen lifestyle, she works with her team to defend the earth using the skills and abilities from Zordon that she received when chosen as one of five young people to help defend from Rita Repulsa’s attacks on Earth!

One day, she was a normal highschool girl and a promising athlete, trying to balance her dreams and her responsibilities. All that changed when she was chosen to join the ranks of the Power Rangers, sworn to battle evil forces and defend the innocent.

In many ways, she’s the heart of the team and is good at recognising the potential in others, what they are and what they can be. The Pink Ranger is on the lookout for new heroes to join the Rangers and defend the planet.

“Catch ya’ on the flip side.”

Kimberly is fun, friendly and super talented in so many ways, so if you’re looking for some girl power for a young Power Ranger fan’s party, our Pink Ranger is the one to call!

Pink Ranger is available for:

  • Parties
  • Meet and Greets
  • Prerecorded Video Messages
  • Private functions
  • Corporate events
  • Walkabout Looking for professional characters to add the wow factor to your event? Our actors can meet and mingle with your guests creating a magical and memorable atmosphere.
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