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Poppy Troll

Poppy Troll Character HIre

Poppy Troll Character Hire 

Our Poppy Troll Entertainer is available for events and parties across the East Midlands including Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield, Leicester & beyond

“Of course! It’s inside you! It’s inside all of us! And I don’t think it… I feel it!”

Meet the happiest Troll you’ll ever have the pleasure to come across! Princess Poppy loves all things joyous – hugs, singing, dancing, parties, even scrapbooking! But when the Burgens pose a threat to her happy village, she must face up against danger and fear, and with the help of Branch, she realises that everyone, no matter what their past, truly deserves happiness!

“Now that I am Queen, I decree that hug time, is all the time!”

Princess Poppy is quite literally the biggest fan of parties, which makes her the perfect all-singing, all-dancing party host for your child’s celebrations!