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Eco Friendly Reusable Pass the Parcel Bags

Why we are moving to Eco Friendly reusable pass the parcel bags.

Eco Reusable Pass the Parcels Ask any child in the UK about party games and they usually will name musical statues, musical bumps and pass the parcel.   We have always included a free pass the parcel in our 2 hour children’s party packages and it’s been this way since we launched our party company in 2013.

If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it?

We’ve looked at moving to reusable bags before but couldn’t really find the right product, however with have had several parents asking us for less ‘plastic and throwaway’ and more eco friendly alternatives and this time when we explored we found several different options including drawstring and Velcro.

But kids love traditional pass the parcel!

We have played this game in may forms; at some parties we pass an object or even a box of sweets around.  Kids love the anticipation of winning a sweet if the music stops on them!  However this doesn’t always satisfy the need to rip a parcel open and this is why we feel using a set of bags with a closure is the ideal solution.

How does it differ?

Instead of wrapping a prize in paper we use 10 reusable bags of different sizes tucked inside each other and the kids tear open a layer when it lands on them.  This means of course the inner ‘prize’ bag is quite small and if we don’t have something quite small enough there will be a care that says ‘winner’ then the child can choose a prize.

Are they expensive?

As with everything the initial cost is quite high for us as we are using quality bags from reputable sellers and of course there will be the ongoing cost of filling the bags however we feel this is the right move to make going forward.

Will you still be charging for adding a pass the parcel on? 

Our 2 horus parties will continue to offer our echo pass the parcel as part of the package however our other party packages will have the option to add one on and we will be reducing the cost from £10 to £5 to reflect the use of less materials.  The cost will cover the prizes, the time it takes to prepare and the ongoing up keep of the bags.

In our 1 hour packages and our 90 minute party packages you are welcome to provide your own pass the parcel.

Will all children get to have a go?

We always limit (and always have) the number of layers to around 10 – any more than that and the excitement factor of pass the parcel tends to wane and the interest drops off.  We do ensure that all children get included by getting a sweet if the parcel doesn’t land on them.



History of pass the parcel

Certainly when I was a child we only had parties at home and that would usually involve my mum wrapping a parcel in layers of newspaper!  Pass the Parcel is definitely a British tradition – I know from the amount of parties we have done for families who have moved to the UK that it’s firmly rooted in out culture but maybe that doesn’t expand over seas.

The earliest known mention of pass the parcel was actually in a paper in Beeston, Nottingham (which incidentally is our home city.) all the way back in 1929.  Amazing really that children are still finding such joy in a game that’s almost 100 years old.

Wrap up a small gift in many covers of paper until it becomes a large parcel. Seat the children in a ring while someone goes to the piano. One of the players is handed the parcel, and as soon as the music strikes up he passes it to his next-door neighbour, and so it goes on round the ring until the music stops, when the player then in possession of the parcel drops out of the game.
The music starts again, and the same procedure is gone through until, when only two players are left, the gift becomes the property of the player who was not in possession of it when the music stops.