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Professional Children’s Entertainers, Engaging Characters, Memorable parties……

Thinking of booking your child’s party with Absolutely Amazing Parties?

With authentic characters (in accurate costumes and accents), music, lighting, live singing, games, prizes, coronation ceremonies and stunts we bring everything with us to provide all the entertainment for your child’s magical party from start to finish.

Ran by parents for parents……..

Absolutely Amazing Parties & Events is a small, family run business and since 2013 we have been making dreams come true across the East Midlands. Our experienced and talented team of children’s entertainers all have performing arts backgrounds; our Princesses sing live, our Spider Man performs stunts and with our fantastic costumes we are as close as you can get to the real thing. Every year our actors perform at hundreds of children’s parties and corporate events; our independent 5-star reviews mean that you can book with confidence.

I am mummy to Isobel & Carys (twin girls) and step-mum (of the none-evil kind) to Rebecca and Zack. Having been a professional singer for many years my girls asked for a Princess Party for their birthday back in 2013 and the rest is history!

I also understand how important your party is to both you and your child; in seven years we have never let one child down. As a team we are professional, reliable and punctual – our entertainers love what they do and this shows through in every performance, event and party.

I have tried to answer any questions you may have; anything further please do not hesitate to contact me on 07795 342639 or email I still run the business on my own with help from my Man Friday Darren AKA ‘Bobby Dazzler’(chief prop maker) and I work around my own performance commitments and of course our 4 children – I however do try and respond to queries as soon as I can.

Jayne Darling x

“There are many Princess Parties on Google but very few that will rival Absolutely Amazing Parties. Jayne & her team provide first class entertainment that will leave children spell-bound from beginning to end”

Booking information:

  1. We can usually tailor parties to any size of venue and some work well in private homes. In the case of our Star Wars Jedi Parties and Superheroes Parties we recommend booking a hall due to the active nature of these parties.
  2. Please note that party bookings must take place between 10am and 1pm or 3pm and 6pm.
    Why do we do this? Three reasons – firstly it enables the parents of the children their morning or afternoon free instead of having to come to a party in the middle of the day. Secondly, it fits in well with lunch and tea times – the children are more likely to eat the party food you have provided at a time where they would be naturally hungry, and lastly it enables our team to move between parties giving them enough time to travel, set up and pack away.
  3. To book your party please decide on what party package and what character /s you would like.
  4. Contact the office to see if your preferred date, time and character is available. You can call us on 07795 342639 or email
  5. We will email a link to complete our online booking form or we can send you a booking form in 2 different formats – Word and PDF depending on your computer system. You can complete it on your computer and email back to us or print out, complete and post back to us.
  6. Bookings are not confirmed until we have received the completed booking form and the booking fee (20% of the total cost of your party) and this has been acknowledged. Your booking fee must be paid by bank transfer and details of how to pay are on the booking form. Please do not pay us a booking fee without an accompanying form as bookings are only processed once we have the form.
  7. Booking fees are non-refundable This fee covers our administrative costs when reserving your date, assets, equipment and any material goods required to provide the party package.
  8. The balance of the fee can be paid in cash on the day before your party or by Bank Transfer DIRECTLY to your lead entertainer within the week before your party. Please note that we do not accept BACS, PayPal or cheques on the day of your party and your booking will not go ahead on this basis.
  9. Our cancellation policy is detailed within our terms and conditions.
  10. If you have booked a 1 hour or 90-minute party, please state the exact time you want your entertainment.  Please note that our entertainers need to set up and they will be in civvies – we often advise that your entertainment should take place first followed by food and any other activities you have planned. 

Within the week before your party

  1. Please confirm the approx. number of children attending plus any changes you may have made.
  2. We usually send a final party confirmation out at some point within the 7 days before your party, if you have not received this or have any concerns please feel free to contact us.
  3. You must read through all the details and ensure that everything is correct (including location, time and date) and advise us immediately of any errors.
  4. You will be given the name and mobile number of your entertainer when your party was confirmed – please only contact them if there is an issue on the day of your party. Any other queries must be directed to the office by calling 07795 342639 or by emailing
  5. Please note that our entertainer/ s must be able to park close to the venue to unload equipment. Please ensure that this is possible, or a space is reserved
  6. If there are any parking limitations or the car park is pay and display it is essential that you make your entertainer aware.


On the day of your party

  1. Our party entertainer/s will need access to your venue a minimum of 30 minutes before the start of your party to set up the equipment needed for your party. They will also need 30 mins to pack down.
  1. Please ensure that we will be able to park close to the venue entrance or access door to unload our equipment.
  2. Please note that when your party entertainer / s arrives to set up their equipment s/he will be in ‘civvies’ s/he will not arrive dressed as there is a lot of equipment to be carried in to your venue. We recommend that your child is kept away from the party room until the start of the party so as to not spoil the illusion; the same applies when the party is over, your entertainer will get changed to pack down his/her equipment, so it is advised that children are kept away from the area.
  3. Please make sure that there is a table for the entertainer in the performance area that is a minimum of 4 feet across (6 feet is ideal) and 2 chairs that are positioned near a power socket.
  4. Your entertainer/s will need somewhere to get changed and safely leave their belongings (Toilets are not acceptable) they will also need somewhere to ‘hide’ before making their grand entrance. We understand that many church halls are small and have limited additional space – we can usually work around this by changing in storage cupboards or behind stage curtains.
  5. Please keep children / party guests away from any equipment that has been set up in preparation for the party.

What will happen at your party:

  1. Your party entertainer will introduce themselves and run through what will happen at your party. All entertainers work within a framework for the party, but all will have their own special twist or stamp on how they run your party.
  2. All equipment will be set up for the start of your party including mini disco (lighting and music system).
  3. At the beginning of your party your entertainer will enter and welcome all the guests to the party.
  4. For our one hour and 90-minute party packages please provide a pass the parcel – we can supply a
    pass the parcel for you at an additional charge of £10
  5. For our two-hour bookings we provide a free pass the parcel as part of the package (excludes the
    Star Wars Jedi Parties and Neon Parties).
  6. All aspects and control of the party can be left to us – we have plenty of experience in organising
    children – but we are not to have complete supervision of the children there must be at least one adult present always.

When to serve food:

  1. For one-hour bookings your party will run for the first hour at which point the character will say goodbye and the children will sit down for their food.
  2. For 90-minute parties the party will run for 1 1⁄2 hours, the character will then say goodbye and the children will sit down for food.
  3. For two-hour bookings food should be served an hour into the party, your character / s will sit with the children during this time and lead singing of Happy Birthday. The party will then continue for another 30 minutes and the character / s will help hand out party bags at the end (provided by host /parents). The total time is 2 hours including the break for party food.

What we provide:

    1. All equipment needed to run the party including music and light equipment.
    2. All games and prizes.
    3. Coronation ceremony / superhero initiation / Jedi Diploma including gift for the birthday child.
    4. For two-hour bookings a FREE Pass the Parcel (Excludes the Star Wars Jedi Parties and Neon Glow Parties)



What you should provide:

  1. An optional Pass the Parcel for 1-hour and 90-minute parties – again we can provide one for you at an additional cost of £10. This is not essential, just a suggestion.
  2. The venue
  3. Party food and cake
  4. Party bags
  5. A suitable place for the character / s to get changed and securely leave their personal
    belongings (toilets are not acceptable) and a suitable place for them to hide before they make their grand entrance (again toilets are not acceptable).

Is there anything else I should be aware of?

Glitter and Fake Snow

Parties, especially Princess parties, can get quite messy with fake snow (made of plastic), glitter and wrapping paper. We also use a bubble machine, and optional snow machine.

**Please check with your venue that they are happy with everything that we will be using**

Allergies and Dietary Requirements

Please note that during the party small sweet treats will be given to the children including:

  • White Chocolate and Chocolate Coins
  • Fizzy sweets
  • Haribo Sweets

If you are aware of any child with special dietary requirements e.g. Vegan / vegetarian or for religious reasons, please let us know.

Nut Allergy – Please make us aware if any child attending your party has a nut allergy Frequently asked questions:

  1. Do I need to provide a DJ?
    No. The party is fully organised, and we provide all the music, microphones and party lighting required.
  2. What times can I have a party?
    Our parties take place between 11 am – 1 pm and 3 pm – 5 pm, 3.30 pm – 5.30 pm and 4 pm – 6 pm. There are no exceptions to this as we need to allow time for the character / s to make their way to another party.
  3. Do you face paint during the party?
    No, we don’t face paint during the party as all our time is taken up with running the party and organising the games. You can organise an external face painter but there is plenty going on within the party to keep the children engaged so this is not essential.
  4. Do I need any other entertainment or a bouncy castle?
    No. We provide all the entertainment for your party. We recommend NOT booking a bouncy castle as in our experience it becomes virtually impossible for our party entertainers to keep the children focussed; bouncy castles are great fun, but they are very distracting and the children will struggle to participate or engage with the games which makes the party difficult to run – it is also difficult to be heard over the motor of the castle.
  5. Are you qualified and insured? Are you CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) / DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checked?
    All of our entertainers are self-employed and have their own Public Liability Insurance. The rules regarding CRB (no longer used) / DBS have changed and are not required and cannot be obtained for party entertainers as this is not a regulated activity. Children should always be supervised at the party by an adult, we are not to be left in the sole care of children as our insurance will be void.

Most of our entertainers will have a DBS check as part of their other acting work so if this is of concern to you a copy can be provided.

  1. Do you provide all the games and prizes? Yes, we provide all games and prizes.
  2. Do you provide a Pass the Parcel?
    For two-hour party bookings a Pass the Parcel is included (excluding Star Wars Jedi Parties and Neon Glow Parties), for 1 hour and 90-minute bookings we don’t provide one however if you want to bring one we can easily incorporate it into the running of your party.. We can provide a pass the parcel at an additional cost of £10.
  3. Does the birthday child get a gift?
    The birthday child receives a certificate / diploma and gift. Birthday Princesses also get a coronation with tiara.
  4. How many children can be invited?
    If you have 1 party entertainer the maximum number of children is 30 – over and above this you will need to book a second character / entertainer.  For Star Wars Jedi Parties the maximum is 30 children but the ideal number is 24.
  5. I’m inviting both boys and girls to my child’s party – can you cater for both?
    Yes. Our entertainers are experienced enough to include both boys and girls within a party. Our parties are packed with activities, games and dancing so there is plenty going on to keep them entertained. If you’re concerned you can always mix characters i.e. Have a Princess and a Superhero to cater for all children with different interests.
  6. What about bad behaviour?
    Some of us at the Absolutely Amazing Parties are parents so we know that children can get boisterous and excited at parties. However, hitting, physical violence and offensive language will not be tolerated towards our entertainers or mascots. Children who continue to behave in an unacceptable way will be asked to sit out and at this point we will speak to you to explain what has happened. Please do not allow children to punch, kick or pull our mascot costumes – as the person booking the party you will be held liable for any damage caused to costumes, mascots and equipment.
  7. Can I have a Children’s Party at home?
    Yes, we have successfully run many parties in private houses if you have enough space. Please note that due to the nature of our parties – which can include live singing – we need space to be able to play group games and to set up a small PA system so as with a venue we will need a table, 2 chairs and easy access to a power socket.
    Our Star Wars Jedi parties can only be delivered in halls or decent sized venues due to the nature of the activities.
  8. I am looking to book a venue, what should I be looking for?
    There are many village halls, community centres and function rooms that can be hired by the hour, try contacting your local council as they can advise of community centres in your local area. Please note that we need between 30 and 60 minutes before the party to set up and 30 mins after to pack down. We can adapt the party to suit almost any room but if in doubt please call us on 07795 342639 or email
    Remember that we will need access to park close to the venue to unload and load our equipment and easy access to a power socket.
  9. Is travel included?
    Travel is included free of charge within 20 miles of NG5 (Nottingham). Over and above this radius travel is charged at 45 pence per mile each way. Travel over and above 20 miles is assessed on an individual basis and takes into account factors such as other party bookings that day and where they are located (which may impact the entertainer’s ability to get to your booking) plus other considerations.
  10. How much space do you require for your set up?
    Ideally 6ft by 6ft to set up our equipment. Please also provide a table and 2 chairs.
  11. Do you have any optional extras?
    Yes as follows:
  • Snow machine – Gives an impressive snow shower that’s quick drying and the kids love it! £10
  • Additional character – £45 for one hour and £50 for 90 minutes and £60 for 2 hour parties
  • Pass the parcel £10 for 1 hour and 90 minute parties free for 2 hour parties (excludes Star Wars Jedi

We hope you have a great party with us and please feel free to email on or call the office on 07795 342639 with any questions you may have.

“Our singing princess Katie was a lovely Elsa who engaged and entertained 12 children for the full 2 hours. Other parents at the party asked me for the contact details at the end of the party as they were so impressed and wanted the singing princess for their daughter’s parties too. Thank you so much for making my daughter’s birthday party so special.”

“Queen Elsa was amazing. People at the party said, “I didn’t think she would have been that good and sing too”! Thank you so much, my daughter Ava absolutely loved every minute of her party.”

“Queen Elsa and Kristoff made every child feel important at my daughter’s party, talking to each individual and involving all the children. They particularly made my daughter feel extra special on her birthday- so thank you!”

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