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“Keep Moving Forward, and If It’s Time To Go, It’s Time” 

Stan Lee I’m sure, by now, you’ve heard, the World’s beloved real – life Super Hero, Stan Lee has sadly passed away at the age of 95 leaving behind an incredible legacy.

Stan Lee was not only an incredible writer but a publisher and editor to so many iconic films, comics and marvel-lous characters. His fame was not only his way of making an impact to change people’s perspectives of films, but it was a way of touching everyone’s hearts and souls as he so often did.  

From the very moment he began his journey in 1939 to become one of the, if not, most renowned writers of all time, he had already created unforgettable characters such as: Iron Man, Spider Man, Thor, Black Panther and The X – Men, which we all know will continue on forever more as some of the most unforgettable names and characters to ever be created. 

Lee’s astounding mind has left behind such a magical franchise that is looked up to by millions of adoring fans and people who have such appreciation for the World that is Superheroes.  

Some may remember him for his comics, with his undoubted skill for enticing you in with the uses of “POW!” and “WHAM!” or some may remember him from his most recent cameos in the Marvel films, whether that be him driving a bus in a crucial part of “Avengers: Infinity War” or cutting Thor’s hair in “Thor: Ragnarok”, either way, he will always be remembered for his iconic creations. 

When we found out about the passing of the wonderful Stan Lee, we were heartbroken and couldn’t quite come to terms with it, but we realised that even though he is no longer with us, his legacy will continue on and never forgotten. 

Here at Absolutely Amazing Parties, we promise to keep his magic alive because he was a phenomenal man who deserves to be remembered for his work forever more. 

“You know, my motto is ‘Excelsior.’ That’s an old word that means ‘upward and onward to greater glory.’ It’s on the seal of the state of New York. Keep moving forward, and if it’s time to go, it’s time. Nothing lasts forever.” – Stan Lee. 

 Rest In Peace, Stan Lee, Nuff’ Said.