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Little Mermaid makes her début party appearance!

I’d been excited for this party for the longest time, and my partner Daniel was also looking forward to hosting it with me. ‘Ariel’ has always been one of my most favourite Princesses, I always loved the fact she was a mermaid and had this beautiful dazzling red hair! I wanted to completely transform for the party, so I even coloured my eyebrows red and customised some of my costume with beads and starfish!

I got all the more excited for the party when my birthday arrived just weeks before and everyone brought me ‘Ariel’ gifts! Now it was time to give Willow an ‘Ariel’ birthday… She was turning three, and what a beautiful princess she was too. The party went fantastically and the children (I’m happy to say) were completely star struck by me and Prince Eric, especially when we sang together! The children sang along with us beautifully. The venue of the party was lovely; it was decorated with Little Mermaid decorations, and the most wonderful ‘Sand Castle’ cake I’d ever seen. I loved using my new rose lights and seashell decorations for the party table too. It was my complete intension to make the theme as close to the film as I could. I had purchased all my ‘under water’ decorations whilst on holiday at the coast, the perfect place to find what I needed!

Prince Eric entered the party first, when he walked into the room the children were so excited to see him and talk to him. So after he had taken all their names and shared a few cuddles it was time to introduce ‘Ariel’! They were very welcoming to me with their big smiles, and one little girl remarking “It’s the real Ariel! A real mermaid!”. I love it when they say things like that. This was followed by singing, party games, dancing and of course lots and lots of bubbles! Especially when dancing to ‘Under the sea’ – how could I not? Also during ‘Under the sea’ I got the children to pick a sea creature they wanted to be, such as a fish or shark. They loved getting into character whilst dancing, even the slightly older children. I always find getting the parachute out is lots of fun too, I think the children could happily play with the parachute for the whole party if you let them! There are so many games you can play with it, and when it came to adding glitter into the mix – I referred to it as ‘King Tritons Magical dust’ to add to the effect. The parcels I made for ‘Pass the parcel’ were also Ariel colour coded red,green and purple, containing Princess prizes in the middle and alternative pirate prizes for the boys (also to keep to the theme).

With Daniel also being highly experienced in professional singing and performance, we sang ‘Love is an open door’ for the children, as Willow was also a big fan of Frozen (Of course). They all loved it, and were mesmerised by the both of us when we were in character. Both me and Daniel stayed with the children 100% throughout the whole party, taking it in turns to lead different games/activities. We got the children do take part in a ‘Little Mermaid’ sing-along too, where we both passed the microphones around the children for them to sing, they really enjoyed this and it entertained the parents aswell! For the coronation I chose a crown with red jewels, and all of the children enjoyed cheering for their new Princess! I also have a special ‘Little Mermaid’ movie storybook narration that I play during the party, which contains the voices from the real film. I think its something they will enjoy listening to in the background whilst having their birthday tea ect, especially if they are Willows age.

The children were constantly running around with beaming smiles and always wanting to dance with either myself or Prince Eric, it was truly magical for all of us. I’m also really happy I got to sing ‘Part of your world’ too. It’s a fantastic song, and I loved every second of performing it. It was also a pleasure to take the birthday cake to her, even if it was the heaviest and most amazing cake I’ve ever held! The children were sad to see us leave when the party had finished, and we were sad to say goodbye. Although, the family left us a lovely review and that made the day all the more rewarding than it already was. I have to admit it’s probably one of my most favourite parties I’ve done so far! I could babble on so much more about this, but I will finish on the fact that I absolutely love being a Singing Princess it’s the most rewarding and fun job in the world; I’m totally excited for my next Little Mermaid Party!