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Moana is out on DVD!

Moana DVD

Moana DVD We are very excited that Moana is now out on DVD!

As the kids are off for the Easter Holidays we have organised a cinema night – we do this quite often as we have a huge recliner sofa to seat all 4 children and myself and Captain Crabstick, plus surround sound, lots of popcorn and we’re ready to go.

We have already been to the cinema to watch Moana and we absolutely loved it – from the story line to the songs we though it was brilliant so we have been waiting patiently for the movie to be released on DVD.

Captain Crabstick went straight to Asda this morning to pick up our copy – not sure who is more excited us or the kids!

We have 4 fabulous entertainers portraying Moana; Katie, Amber, Alana and Sophie as we have been inundated with party requests already this year – we just need to find a Maui and our Moana family will be complete.

If you would like to book Moana for your birthday party please get in touch or call Jayne on 0115 905 6224.

Jayne x