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No loose balloons please!

Hey there party planners!

With over 11 years of rocking the East Midland’s children’s parties, I’ve seen my fair share of shindigs. I’ve lost count, but I reckon I’ve danced my way through at least a thousand gigs. And let me tell you, I’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a party soar or sink, especially from the entertainer’s point of view.

Now, when you’re hiring an entertainer, you’re aiming for a stress-free blast, right? Well, that dream party takes a bit of teamwork between you and your performer. Communication is key! Take some time to chat with your entertainer and make sure they’re on the same page as you. Look, an entertainer who agrees to everything might not have the chops you’re after. Experienced entertainers? They’re like treasure troves of party wisdom. So, don’t shy away from picking their brains. Trust me, a smooth-sailing party is all about that teamwork. Chaos? No thanks!

Let’s talk balloons.

Balloons. Can’t have a bash without ’em, can you? They’re like instant party magic. But, hold up, they can also be the catalyst for chaos.

As an entertainer who’s all about keeping the party vibes chill, I walk a fine line between fun enforcer and buzzkill. It’s all about balance, folks. But let’s not forget, parties are meant to be fun! Yet, unchecked fun can quickly spiral into mayhem. Thankfully, there are ways to keep the peace.

First off, if you’re having balloons, keep ’em off the floor. I know, I know, sounds like a buzzkill move. But trust me, loose balloons can turn into rogue missiles in no time. And that squeaky, poppy noise? Not exactly party vibes, is it?

Now, if you’re having a free-play session, go wild with balloons on the floor. They’re a cheap and cheerful way to keep the little ones occupied. But if you’ve booked entertainment, keep the focus on the show. Too many distractions? Recipe for chaos, my friends.

Oh, and helium balloons? Beautiful, but keep those strings out of reach. Trust me, you don’t want a kiddo army claiming them all.

Remember, some kids aren’t balloon fans, especially those on the spectrum. Let’s keep the tears to a minimum, yeah?

So, here’s the lowdown:

  • Keep floor balloons away during entertainment time.
  • Helium balloons? String just above little grabby hands.
  • Secure helium balloons to chairs for extra flair.
  • Watch out for burst balloons – choking hazard!
  • And adults, let’s leave the balloon catapults at home, yeah?

Let’s keep the party vibes high and the chaos at bay!