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Virtual Star Wars Party

Virtual Zoom Star Wars Party 

Absolutely Amazing Children’s Entertainment are providing a virtual portal for you to meet your favourite Galactic Heroes from Anywhere in the Galaxy.

This Virtual Star Wars Party is suitable for ages 4 – 12 (content will be adapted to be age appropriate)

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Our Jedi Master with their skill with a lightsaber and mastery of the force, is ready to take your Youngling or Padawan to a galaxy far, far away to train in the ways of the force.

Our team are experienced children’s entertainers – we have taken the best of our in person Star Wars parties and taken them online.

Virtual Star Wars Parties are 30 minutes in length – and hosting is very simple using Zoom.  Zoom is a free app that can be downloaded to your laptop, phone or tablet and enables you to invite up to 100 guests so you can share the fun with family and friends.

You can Choose your character, from the wise Jedi Master, or perhaps the zestful, force wielder Rey. Our authentic costumed Stormtrooper is always fun or maybe you’re more into the Dark Side, in which case, the wily Kylo Ren might be the one for you?

Your 30 minute Jedi Training Session will include the following:

  • Tailored to your child – we ask for brief details within the booking process to ensure that their online party is extra special and personalised
  • A professionally trained actor as your Jedi
  • Live Interaction with your Jedi
  • Lightsaber Combat Training
  • Musical Statues 
  • Star Wars or Space Quiz (Optional)
  • Jedi Oath
  • Jedi Certificate sent through the post 
  • Personalised letter from your Jedi will also be posted following your online party as a lasting memento

Each Training Session comes complete with a Follow-Up video from your character

We have a range of characters available for your online party- if you can’t see the character you like drop us a message or call / text 07795 342639:

Cost: £55 for a 30 minute party 

How to Plan your Online Star Wars Jedi Training Party

  • Request a booking to see if your preferred date / time / is available 
  • Download Zoom on your tablet / phone or laptop
  • Schedule your party and tell your friends and family – ask them to wear their favourite costumes on the day!
  • Once your party is scheduled Zoom will provide the links and code which you can share with your friends and family
  • On the day of you party allow 10 – 15 minutes for your guests to get online and enter the party
  • Your Jedi will be the last guest to arrive in your virtual party – when you are ready drop them a quick text and they will join
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