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Party Etiquette – Why do we only offer set party times?

At the weekend Absolutely Amazing Parties offer 2 party slots each day: 

  1. Between the hours of 10:00 and 13:00
  2. Between the hours of 15:00 and 18:00

We know that this is not going to suit everyone and I though I would cover the reasons why we do this.

  1. Peak time – Our work as Party Entertainers means that our prime time for parties is the weekend and we have to maximise the number of parties we do in 2 days to remain viable
  2. Travel – We cover the East Midlands so we need to ensure that our team have time to comfortably travel between parties.  We allow a minimum of 30 minutes set up time and 30 minutes pack down plus travel in between.  Your entertainer could have a significant journey between parties depending on where they are.
  3. Fairness to your guests – We all know that kids have a busier social life than most adults as well as many hobbies.  By scheduling your party for morning or afternoon means that your guests still have the rest of the day to fit all these things in.
  4. Fitting in to eating times – By having a morning or afternoon party (rather than right in the middle of the day) means that your guests will be eating at a reasonable time.  If your party is 11 until 1 then food will be served at 12 , if it’s 3 until 5 then it will be 4 pm.  This takes away every parents question ‘do I need to feed my child before the party’.  No, if it’s a morning party they will have had lunch and if it’s an afternoon party they will have had their tea.  This also stops food being wasted at a party by sitting kids down for food at an odd time.
  5. Which party slot should I choose? For children aged 3 this depends on their nap schedule.  If they don’t nap in the day morning is always better as they are more alert and less tried, if they still have a late morning nap then th afternoon would be better.  For 4 year olds again they will be more alert in the morning.  For ages 5 and upwards either slot works.

We’re only a small team and if we were to only to do 1 party a day we wouldn’t be able to fulfil all the requests we get.  I hope that all makes sense!

Thanks very much,

Jayne xx