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Planning a child’s birthday party under Covid-19 rules

It’s been a tough year to say the least. It wasn’t too long ago that organising special events for our children was a fun, enjoyable and carefree experience. We know that time will come again and are collectively looking forward to being able to enjoy those special days without having to worry about Coronavirus or the disruptions it has caused to all our lives.

Here at Absolutely Amazing Children’s Entertainment we recognise that whatever may be going on in the world, Children’s special days, celebrated with family and friends, will always be an event that is both highly anticipated ahead of time, and on the day itself, an exciting and memorable experience for all concerned.

These special days will always come around, and here at Absolutely Amazing we are committed to helping you make them as memorable as possible.

Our team is a mix of professional Actors, Dancers, Singers and Trained Physical Performers. Recognising the reality that it may be a while before we achieve complete normality, they have turned their collective talent and creativity to ensuring a fun, exciting and ultimately safe experience for you and your family, as you plan for your Child’s special day.

We have adapted all of our fun party games, as well as our pre and post party procedures, with safety and social distancing in mind. We have also introduced our fantastic Virtual Packages which have allowed us to reach families all over the world and ensure absolute safety and just as much excitement. After all, one thing we always say to all the parents, upon arriving at a party or venue, is to sit back and relax, and let us take care of it from that point forward.


We want to ensure that your party or event goes ahead with both maximum fun, and maximum safety, and so we have some useful tips.

Throughout the summer we enjoyed a period of relative freedom. Our team has been conducting many fantastic garden parties and outdoor events throughout that time, all while adhering to social distancing guidelines.

However we are now entering the colder months of the year, where outdoor garden parties may be less favourable. The onset of the colder weather has unfortunately brought with it, a resurgence of Coronavirus, as well as tougher restrictions on our social gatherings.

Although we all hoped this wouldn’t be the case, our team at Absolutely Amazing Parties nonetheless prepared and planned for such a turn of events. 


The current measures dictate that no more than 6 individuals can gather. As service providers, our team would not be counted under the Rule of Six in any setting. Therefore you can plan your party or event with six persons in mind, we as your entertainers, would not be counted among that number. You can find more information on section 2 of the government’s website under “Seeing friends and Family”.

Additionally, it is worth considering the fact that your child has been placed within a consistent “Bubble” group with their school. As such it may be possible to arrange, though the school, to have a character visit or full themed party for that bubble group, should all concerned participants be in agreement. 


While the guests at the actual party may be limited, there is no reason why anyone should be left out. To that end, we recommend setting up a laptop or webcam, with a Zoom meeting or facetime, scheduled to begin when the fun starts. This way, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends can join in, and be part of the celebration.

To keep the numbers in the Children’s favour, you could arrange with guests’s parents to leave them in your care for the duration of the party. They may also be able to observe the party via the aforementioned virtual services.


Whether your party is being held at your home or at a venue, we have some useful tips and suggestions for getting the fun started. Your entertainers will arrive earlier, to set up the space.

Upon arrival, guests could be greeted at the door by one of the parents, who will welcome them inside, handing them any gift bags. To make the children feel special, it would be a good idea at this point to take a photograph of them with their party bag as they arrive, and then escort them to the area where the main event will take place, and also to any predetermined special party spot. (Social Distancing Area)

While this is happening, your entertainers will be preparing in another room, and when all the guests are ready, you can give us a knock, to make our surprise entrance. We also recommend having a camera ready at this moment, because the Children’s reactions to our big entrance is always priceless.


Here at Absolutely Amazing we have continually adapted all of our party games to account for the changing rules surrounding social distancing measures.

First of all, and space permitting. All of our favourite themed games could go ahead with relatively little alteration. Superhero Training, Princess etiquette, swashbuckling, lightsaber form training, as well as musical statues/bumps, dancing games, themed quizzes and initiation ceremonies are all easily adaptable with social distancing as a factor.


A couple of things to consider with regards to party food which may help reduce your work on the day, maximise safety and make it fund for the kids.

Why not pack the fun into a party pack food box for each child to either eat at the party or take home afterwards, this pack could also contain a small themed gift such as a keyring or small toy. Along with the pack, why not give each child their own drinks cup with their name on it, and you just keep the drinks topped up all the way through.

Individual cupcakes might be quicker and safer than one large cake which has to be sliced into sections. Additionally, cake sparklers look amazing, and may be a better option than candles.

With regard to gifts being given and received. It may be useful to have an area where they can be placed and collected without having to be over handled.


Even with the maximum amount of preparation and planning, we do recognise that restrictions can be applied, things can go wrong and re-arrangements need to be made.

We have in place a number of measures in place should any number of situations arise. After all, it’s part of our job, as Superheroes, Princesses and Galactic Heroes to protect the people. 

So, should any of our team be alerted or instructed to self isolate. Any prospective clients of that performer with a booking within the 14 day period will be notified with immediate effect. 

After that we have a number of options in place for going forward, ranging from simply replacing your performer, changing the party’s theme, moving online (If applicable) or possibly postponing.

Postponement is the absolute last option after all others have been discussed and explored. At no extra cost, we could move your postponed party to a new date, or if you choose, we could move you to an online party using your original deposit. If you choose to postpone, and move to a date further in the future, you will be sent a short video message from your character, which will be personalised, letting your child know that their favourite character has most certainly not forgotten about them and wishing them a very happy birthday.

Please remember, whatever you choose, and however you wish to celebrate, our team here at Absolutely Amazing Parties will be with you every step of the way, to ensure your celebration is as special and memorable as can be!