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Queen Elsa visits Beechdale and Bestwood

Queen Elsa Frozen Mascot Appearance
Queen Elsa Frozen Mascot Appearance

Queen Elsa & Princess Megan

I had a fabulous day today doing a quick meet and greet at the Beechdale pub in Beechdale followed by a party in Bestwood, Nottingham.

Our meet and greets are something that we don’t usually do on a weekend as we’re so busy with parties but I

Queen Elsa Frozen Mascot Appearance

With beautiful little Isabelle

managed to sneak a quick 20 minute appearance in for Princess Megan.

Our meet and greets consist of live singing, manners and etiquette, coronation ceremony and a Princess Oath.  The birthday girl gets a Princess Certificate, Tiara and small gift from the host and we always sing around 4 songs live.  Meet and greets are a great idea for a home visit especially on a child’s birthday.

And my goodness it was hot! Princess Megan and her friends were all dressed up and there was a already a DJ at the party who very kindly let me use his gear to save me setting all of mine up.  The girls all came over to me to hug me straight away and they were all so lovely.  It was a real surprise to see a friend there as well with her gorgeous 4 year old little girl Isabelle who was a real chatterbox.

My 20 minutes seemed to go really quickly and after we had sung Let it Go it was time for me to be on my way to the next party.


My nest party was an hour at the Bestwood Estate Community Centre where there were two birthday girls; Sophia aged 3 and Tia aged 7.  Once I had got my gear set up I quickly got changed and surprised the birthday girls.  Sophia was a bit wary of me at first but by the end of the party she was joining in and having lots of fun!  As there were a few older girls there they were keen to get involved and help and they assisted the little ones in the games that we played.  One of my favourite parts of the party is the Snowball game where I get the play parachute out and tip lots of snowballs on to it – first we see how long we can keep the all on the parachute and then we see how high we can make them bounce. It’s so simple but the children just love it and I never tire of it!  We played another simple but effective game of colours where we choose a colour and the children have to run under the parachute and swap places.  This is a great game for the little ones and the older girls helped along.

Again this was another party where we were having so much fun that the hour went really quickly and before we knew it it was time to go home.

Our parties are great fun and packed with live singing, games, stories plus much more to keep all the children engaged.  To find out more about our Frozen parties you can call on 0115 905 6224 or email

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