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Spring Fever with the Snow Queen and Ice Princess

Frozen Fever Parties Nottingham Leicester Derby

Frozen Fever Parties | Nottingham | Derby | LeicesterWe all love spring time and here at Absolutely Amazing Parties two of our favourite princesses have had a spring make over! On Friday, Elsa and Anna attended their first ever Frozen Fever birthday party for Princess Lily!

Frozen Fever Parties Nottingham Leicester DerbyNow this wasn’t the usual Frozen themed party, we have added many extras and a wonderful Frozen fever touch! The Princesses’s even had new dresses to wear, a wonderful change to the usual dresses the children were used to.

Frozen Fever Party Ideas The party room looked amazing, splashes of colour everywhere, bunches of sunflowers decorated the corners and a bright pink table cloth and glittery lights illuminated our set up table!

13162018_610068382491663_908880774_nElsa and Anna arrived to greet Lily with a Frozen fever balloon and giant sunflower and after greeting their guests Anna and Elsa sang their first song “A dream is a wish your heart makes”. This was followed by magical glitter wishes and Lily was presented with her very own wishing star. After bubbles, it was time for the guests to find the hidden snowgies! If you don’t know what happens when Elsa sneezes, you soon will if you book this party…… Snowgies cause all sorts of trouble so the children helped round up all the little snowmen. Sneaky Sunflowers was another game the children enjoyed, testing out their sneaking skills on Princess Anna.

One of our favourite parts of our parties is the coronation ceremony and our frozen fever flower coronation added in the magic of flower petals, which the children scattered as the birthday princess walked along her red carpet; a truly magical touch. There was so much to fit into the celebrations and after Elsa announced “Just follow the string!” The children followed a string trail to a wonderful surprise…Olaf!
After pictures and a Frozen Fever tea time, the princesses performed all the usual frozen songs along with “Making Today a Perfect day for you”. This is a fabulous song featured in the film. After pass the parcel and a little bit of snow ( provided by Elsa of course) It was soon time to bid Lily and her friends goodbye. After good bye hugs, the party bags( packed full of Goodies and cake) were handed out! A birthday celebration is always so special and Elsa and Anna couldn’t wait for their next Frozen Fever adventure.

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