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Batman Visits Gotham Village

Gotham City can be a dark and dangerous place, filled with all manner of dangerous villains who perpetually plot and scheme their various evil activities. The Joker, The Riddler, Two-Face and others are forever working to sow the seeds of chaos in the streets. It is a sprawling metropolis of gothic architecture, dark alleyways and a storied history.

Gotham Village in Nottinghamshire, by contrast, is a quiet and pleasant place, however, it has an equally storied history. Nicknamed by some as “The Village of Legends” it was formally acknowledged in the Batman comics in 1996 in a story titled “Cityscape”. The Village itself dates back to possibly the 10th century, and is pronounced “Goat-Um” which comes from the old English “Goat-Home” or “Goat Town”. It was in the 13th Century that the village first made a name for itself. It was announced that King John wished to build a hunting lodge in the area, however, should the King travel to the area, any local road he used would become a King’s Highway, this would, in turn, mean a hefty tax burden on the locals. They would not only have been expected to build this highway, but the responsibility of it’s upkeep would also fall to local workers. This gave rise to the story of “The Wise Men of Gotham” who hatched a plan to feign madness.


It was a commonly held belief at the time, that mental illness was infectious, thus the people of Gotham knew that if they all acted insane, the King’s road would be diverted. The story goes that when the King’s Knights and other representatives arrived in the area, locals collectively pretended to be insane, staging acts of madness and comical stupidity for the benefit of the King’s men. They reportedly observed locals engaged in acts such as fencing off a tree to keep a Cuckoo captive (Cookoo’s symbolise summer and it is thought the locals explained they were attempting to capture the summer), attempting to down an Eel, and attempting to roll cheese down a hill in the belief that it would make its own way to market. The story of “The Mad Men of Gothem” would go on to circulate for centuries.

Both towns, however, have one thing in common. When the sun goes down and the shadows grow long, a guardian patrols the night, one who’s name is spoken in hushed tones by the criminals and evil doers. A Dark Knight who defends the innocent and punishes the guilty, who can melt into shadow and sour over the rooftops, not a man, a creature of the night… a Bat Man… Our Absolutely Amazing Dark Knight recently visited Gotham and recruited some new superheroes for his team.

Meet the Characters at Brookfields Garden Centre

We are back at Brookfields Garden Centre at Easter!

You can join us for 4 incredible parties at Nottingham’s Premier Independent garden centre based in Mapperley.  We will be playing games, singing songs or you can even learn to be a real life superhero!

Bookings can be made via their website at or by calling Tel: 0115 926 8200

All parties run 3 – 4 pm

Tuesday April 5th – fun with the Madrigal Miracle (Encanto Themed party)

Wednesday April 6th – Learn to be a superhero with the American Captain

Thursday April 7th – Join us at the Royal Ball with our Glass Slipper Princess

Monday April 11th – The bat is back.  Our crime fighting dark knight will share his secrets with you

Wednesday April 13th – fun with the Madrigal Miracle (Encanto Themed party)


We can’t wait to see you there


Brookfields Garden Centre

Aug 15 & 16 | Superhero School | Gloworm Family Festival
We are thrilled to be bringing our Superhero School to the Gloworm Family Festival in August!
Super Hero School is back! That’s right folks! As it’s Gloworm’s 5th birthday this year they’re bringing back some of our favourite things from over the last 4 years, and this has got to be one of them!
Absolutely Amazing Parties for Boys and Girls will be bringing some of their super hero friends for you to meet and greet throughout the weekend! Not only that, but they’ll also be hosting a Super Hero School for your little (and not so little) people to learn how to fight off the villains and save the world!????‍♂️??‍♀️

Gloworm Family Festival

May 25 | Matlock Farm Park

Spider Man Hire


More information to follow about the visiting superheroes! ?

Park open 10am-5pm
(Free with park entry)

With over 1,000 likes we’re ready to Spring into action some more this April!

Captain Hook Already we are into April and our characters are enjoying the sunshine – as Tinker Bell & Captain Hook will be paying a visit to Great Central Railway in Loughborough! Meet them at the platform for three wonderful days, as Tink will be making some magical wishes come true with her Pixie Dust! But be careful, wherever Tink goes the dastardly Captain Hook isn’t too far behind, making sure she isn’t recruiting more children to join Peter’s team of Lost Boys back in Neverland! They will both be there from April 30th to May 2nd, so come on down to say hello to everyone’s favourite Fairy and Pirate Villain! (more…)

Happy new year! Princess magic and sparkles for 2016!

It has been a while since we posted on the News page so we thought we would update you on some of our magical parties from the winter season! First we would like to wish you all a very Happy New year! We are so excited to meet lots of new freinds in 2016 and of course we hope to see some of our old friends too! We have had an amazing year we cant thank you all enough for your support!


Recent Developments & Fun filled events!
Recent Developments & Fun filled events!

Batman, Elsa, Anna and Spider Man at Rainbows HospiceWe’ve been very busy at Absolutely Amazing Parties HQ, but we are also having so much fun! Just a couple of weeks ago our brand new ‘Cinderella’ dress arrived, and I have to admit that we have all fallen in love with it. Its absolutely gorgeous, a big dazzling pale blue ball gown, with stunning detail and beautiful long gloves to match. It’s a huge dress, with a corset down the back, the ultimate Princess costume! Jayne is going to be wearing it this weekend for its first of many parties! We can’t wait to show you how beautiful it looks!