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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions 

Updated January 1 2022

Venue & Party Requirements

  • Space – We need space to comfortably run a party including playing games.  Suitable venues include church halls, community centres and function rooms – even some schools hire out space at the weekend for very reasonable rates.
    • We need a minimum space of 5ft x 5ft  for PA equipment and set up.
  • Parking – We must be able to park by the venue for load in and load out.  You must make us aware of any parking restrictions or any charges for parking.  Any parking fees must be reimbursed by the client. 
  • Equipment – A table and two chairs​ to be provided for the entertainer– table needs to be approx. 4 feet wide.
  • Power – The set-up area must have a power outlet.
    • If your party is outside we would ask you to ensure there is access to electricity. If you are using extension cables/leads for outside then please ensure the cables are running along completely dry ground and they are not in contact with any wet or damp surfaces.
    • We cannot be responsible for not being able to provide activities that require electricity, due to power failures or tripped circuits at the venue we are operating in.
  • Changing – A suitable, secure and clean ​area must be provided for the entertainer to change and safely leave their belongings.  This must be close to the party room ​- ​toilets and public changing areas (especially in Leisure Centres) are not acceptable​.
  • Damages – Guests and children must be kept away from any equipment / props.  Any damages must be paid for.
  • Supervision – During the party the customer must ensure at least 1 adult is present in the same room for the entire duration of the entertainment. This is in case accidents should occur or children need to go to the toilet. We regret, for safety reasons, we cannot conduct the entertainment unless at least one adult is present in the room the entire time.
  • Food & Drink.- During our parties we ask that no food or drink is provided or available during the entertainment.  Please only put party food and drink out at the designated break for food. 
  • Timings – A late start does not constitute a late finish.


  • Booking fee – A non-refundable booking fee is required along with the completed booking form to secure your booking. The fee covers administrative costs when reserving your date, assets, equipment and any material goods required to provide your party and entertainment. Failure to pay the booking fee will result in the date being made available to other clients.  


Travel within 20 miles of NG5 (Arnold, Nottingham) is free, over and above this radius we charge 49 pence per mile each way. Please note that travelling more than 20 miles is at our discretion and depends on a number of factors including the entertainers being happy / able to travel and what else we have in the diary.

Other Activities

  • Full entertainment – We provide full party entertainment which requires children to be focussed and engaged so we ask that you avoid other activities which can make this difficult. 
  • Bouncy Castles / Inflatables – We try and avoid parties with inflatables as much as we possibly can.  Inflatables are a huge distraction (even when deflated) and noisy and makes it impossible to successfully run our entertainment.  Our advice is to NOT have a bouncy castle however if you do have one booked we politely request it is switched off during the times were are entertaining.
  • Balloons – Please do not have loose balloons on the floor – they are used as weapons and again are a massive distraction when trying to get children to focus.


  • Supervision – Please note, for safety reasons, at least one other adult, in addition to the entertainer, must be present the whole time the entertainment is running. This does not mean they have to be helping with the party, but they must be present should they be needed in the event of an accident arising. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure this happens.
  • Behaviour – We retain the right not to conduct certain activities if we feel the children are not responding appropriately, or are too riotous and therefore we deem it unsuitable to conduct certain activities. Please be aware if your entertainer receives any abusive, disrespectful, disruptive or inappropriate behaviour from anyone attending the party they do have the right to leave the party and no refund would be given if the issue is not resolved after addressing.
  • Games – Your entertainer will not be held responsible if a child or adult should have any slips, falls or injury whilst playing party games.
  • Snow Machine & Bubble Machine – The snow machine and bubble does cause a slippery floor surface please be aware and cautious.  Please note they may cause water mark stains on fabrics. Snow / Bubble fluid is made of soap, glycerine, distilled water and rubbing alcohol – it is non toxic and leaves no trace on the floor.  You must check with your venue that we are allowed to use this equipment
  • Allergies – Please make us aware of any children who are not allowed sweets due to allergies, intolerances or religious reasons so we can make sure everyone is considered and included.


  • Balance Payments – Balance payments should be made in cash directly to your entertainer on the day of your party.
    • Please note entertainers cannot accept cheques, card payments or any other form of payment on the day itself.
    • Payment is requested immediately after the entertainment is completed. We regret that the entertainer cannot be asked to wait for payment as they may have to leave straight away to get to another booking. If the entertainer is made to wait for payment longer than 10 minutes after they were booked to finish the entertainment, an additional fee of £15 is applicable and must be paid to the entertainer on the day of the party. Additional fees of £15 will be applied, for every 10 minutes extra the entertainer has to wait for payment. The entertainer cannot wait longer than 30 minutes for payment.
    • If the entertainer is unable to wait for payment due to other commitments, then a fee of £30 is applicable on top of any money owed after the party. This must be paid within 3 days or further charges of £20 per day will apply if the balance is not paid to the entertainer in full.

Covid Cancellation Policy

Should you need to cancel for any reason relating to covid e.g. testing positive for covid test, another lockdown, etc. then you would be welcome to reschedule your party for another time. Sadly it is not possible to have a refund on the booking fee. However you can ‘float’ your booking for as long as you wish, and then re book at any point in the future. There is no expiry date to this. So as soon as you know a date you want to reschedule, you can let us know and we  can re arrange this for you. 

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation may only take place by mutual consent and any such cancellation must be confirmed in writing and acknowledged by Absolutely Amazing Parties. 

Cancellation shall be as follows (minus any booking fee they may have been paid):

  1. More than 30 days from the performance date; no fee payable
  2. Between 22 – 30 days from performance date; 25% of the remaining fee.
  3. Between 15 – 21 days from the performance date; 50% of the remaining fee.
  4. Between 8 – 14 days from the performance date; 75% of the remaining fee.
  5. Between 1 – 7 days from the performance date; the full remaining fee payable.
  • In the unlikely event the booking has to be cancelled due to Force Majeure or illness the booking fee can be transferred to a new date and the cancellation fee waived
  • If the Entertainer is unable to perform due to any reason we will try and find a satisfactory solution either with another entertainer or rescheduling. We will endeavour to provide as much notice as possible.
  • In the unlikely event the Entertainer has to cancel, for example due to a car breakdown or illness then the client will be issued with a full refund of ​all​ fees paid.
  • All Entertainers are responsible for their own individual Public Liability Insurance.

Other matters arising:

  • Equipment – If needed the entertainer will provide their own PA (unless otherwise stated) along with any other required equipment (eg. lights, bubble machine). The Entertainer’s equipment is not for use by any guests.
  • Amendments – Any amendments to this booking must be made in writing at least 30 days prior to the visit excluding music choices.
  • Timings – It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that the visit runs as planned and on time. Under no circumstances will the Entertainer stay beyond the agreed time. A late start does not constitute grounds for a late finish or cancellation.
  • Vetting and Barring (DBS formerly CRB checks) – ​This is not legally required (and cannot be obtained for Children’s Entertainers) as we are ​not to be left alone with and ​not legally covered for supervision of children or vulnerable adults.