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Unicorn Parties are a go go !

Being the source of entertainment for a party is a lot of pressure. Great pressure; because I love what I do. You want to ensure every aspect of the party of what you’re in control of goes well. I had my debut unicorn party on Saturday 17th March and truthfully; I was nervous. It was something I had done before so there was an element of uncertainty but also how do you act as a Unicorn?!



I had planned over and over every aspect of the party plan in my head multiple times – apart from the actual Unicorn persona bit. Nevertheless, I thought I would go out, once in costume, and see how the girls reacted. Ultimately, they were much older so were clued up on the fact “You were just setting up the equipment and now your dress in a Unicorn Costume!” So, I went with more of a ‘this is what I do in my spare time approach’ which they LOVED as they were agreeing that, that is what they did in their spare time too! So I began the party with a bit of a make-up sesh. The girls loved the glitter I had on my face and wanted some, too. Once everyone was glittered up, I began to introduce the party and we started with our first party game of ‘Musical Statues! – Unicorn Style’. Pretty self explanatory but once the music stopped, the girls had to stand in a Unicorn pose! Some very interesting poses I must say. After the first game, we moved on to some Magical Unicorn wishes which the girls were very excited about. I think pretty much all of their wishes were ‘to become a real unicorn’. We made our wishes, through our magical dust in the air and hope it would come true. I did ask them girls to send me a letter if their wishes came true, to which one little girl replied ‘How can I do that if I actually become a unicorn?’. Very true. I then got the girls into two teams and we began our Unicorn relay races. Their mission was to be the fastest team to run in and out of the cones, jump over the hurdles all whilst they were riding on their ‘Unicorn on a stick’. After a few runs, the girls started to get quite competitive so I changed up the teams and added various changes to the course; jumping around the cones, hoping on one leg… Then it was time for a group dance so we did various dances such as; Hokey Cokey, Macerena and The Superman Dance. As the majority of the girl were older, they were very excited about these dances. I mean, who wouldn’t be?! We then got out the Dancing Ribbons. The girls had one each and I choreographed a little dance routine to the Kingdom Dance from the movie Tangled. Very basic moves and steps that with a dance ribbon – look very effective. The girls loved dancing with these. At one point, we put the ribbons behind our heads and ran around in a circle pretending that was their unicorn ponytail! Towards, the end we had the Unicorn Coronation. Were by the two sisters both received their Unicorn Princess certificates, a Unicorn Headband and a present each for their commitment in the party games, their kindness for inviting their friends and well – for just being a birthday girl! A great achievement that they will be able to keep forever! I had so much fun and I can’t wait for my next one! Love Alana aka Disco Dixie x