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Princess Video Messages

Personalised Princess Video Messages 

Celebrating a birthday?  Want to say congratulations?  Looking for an unusual gift? Know a child who has accomplished something or just needs cheering up? 

Our Personalised pre recorded Princess video messages are the perfect gift at anytime whether to celebrate a special birthday or just to say hello.  You can order a video message for your own child or to be sent as a gift… anyone! Their face will be filled with wonder as their favourite Princess knows their name and speaks to them directly.

Princess video messages are around 10 minutes in length and are recorded by one of our talented actors with the correct accent, knowledge and beautiful singing voices.  They are edited by our Fairy Godmother and sent via a file transfer service where your recipient can keep the special Princess message forever, they are also uploaded to a private channel on YouTube as back up and to enable easy viewing. 

Our pre-recorded Princess video message will be from a Princess character of your choice, completely bespoke to the recipient we ask for key pieces of information at the point of booking so we can make the video as personal as possible.  The video will start with the Princess saying hello and include and special messages you may have, sing happy birthday and sing any songs related to the Princess or any songs that you have requested. 

Cost: £25

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We have a range of characters available  – if you can’t see the character you like drop us a message or call / text 07795 342639

How long is a Princess Video Message? 

Typically Princess Video Messages are 10 minutes in length. 

What is included in a Princess Video Message? 

Below is typical of what is included but please be aware that content may change dependent on your requirements, character choice and within the time. 

  • A special greeting from the Princess of your choice 
  • An easy Princess quiz
  • Songs / singing related to the Princess character 
  • Happy Birthday song 
  • Princess lessons, manners and etiquette
  • Princess Oath  

How do I book a Personalised Princess Video Message? 

Booking your Princess Video Message is easy and be done in seconds.  During the booking process you will be asked for key pieces of information, including the date the video is required by, and you will be able to pay via debit or credit card or PayPal. 

How long will my Princess Video Message take? 

Please allow 7  days however if it is needed urgently please just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate. 

How will the recipient receive their Princess Video Message? 

We send your Princess Video Message via WeTransfer which is a free file sharing service.  You have 7 days to download the video but then it is yours to keep forever!  We also upload a copy to an unlisted channel in YouTube where it will be kept forever.

Personalised Princess Messages



We have many different characters for you to choose from including ……

Alice in Wonderland, Anne Wheeler, Ariel, Aurora / Sleeping Beauty, Anna, 
Batman, Belle 
Captain America, Captain Quicksilver, Cinderella
Descendants, Elsa, Hook, Jasmine , Jedi Knight, Kristoff 
Madhatter, Maleficent, Mary Poppins, Moana, Poppy Troll, 
Rapunzel, Rainbow Unicorn , Red Ranger
Spider Man, Super Girl, Tinker Bell, Wonder Woman 

Plus many more…….

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