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What makes a good Tinker Bell party by Carys aged 10

I think that that actress who is playing Tinker Bell needs to have seen the film so they get a brief idea how she acts and what her personality is. This helps the actor to be more like Tinker bell and how she feels about certain things. The film is imaginative and creative so when they do the games they might want to be creative. Tinker bell herself is very crafty so in the party you might want to do some arts and craft. This will make the party even more fun than normal and it might give your kids  chance to get creative. Maybe setting up a small obstacle course for your kids is a good idea because it might take them on an adventure or it might show them the obstacles that our friend Tinker bell went through. You also might want to play musical statues and freeze like a fairy flying, being crafty or looking for something. You might want to do the conga but using your arms as fairy wings and my even pretend to fly high in the sky. Parties are superposed to be fun so you might want to ask the birthday girl or boy what game they want to do  and you can play that game if you have the right equipment you need. This idea depends on if the actress thinks this is a good idea, if they think this is a good idea they can do it but if they think this is a bad idea they don’t have to do it because it is just an idea.

Facts about the film

  • This film teaches me that everyone, no matter who they are, is special in their own way
  • It also teaches me that everyone has their own talent
  • It has a range of different characters and they all go on a cool adventure either together or by themselves
  • It also teaches me that anyone can be friends with anyone
  • It also has a different range of adventurers that are super cool
  • Lots of different things happen to your surprise, which is good.

By Carys aged 10