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Why Should I book an Entertainer for my child’s Birthday?

We hear from Absolutely Amazing Parties entertainer Laura about the reasons a party entertainer is a great idea.

“Early experiences for children are some of the most special memories you can create to look back on. As a young adult myself, there are so many times I sit with friends to reminisce, laugh and sometimes cringe at some of my fondest childhood stories. Now, as a performer and entertainer, I get to watch these moments come to life from a different perspective and feel a responsibility to make sure I am doing justice to what I know my princess crazy, 5-year-old self would have dreamed about.

It’s no denying that children’s parties can take some serious organization. The cake, the invitations, the venue. At 19, I sometimes feel I should get started with a few ideas for my own children in years to come, just to be ahead of the game. So as each year goes on, after soft play, bouncy castles and even activities like swimming and ice skating, what do you provide to entertain your children and their friends on their special day?

That’s where we come in.

Having been fortunate enough to work in children’s entertainment for just short of 5 years now, I’ve lost count of the number of events I’ve been a part of, as a variety of characters. I’ve met parents before-hand who have been nervous, and unsure of what to expect from a Princess entertainer arriving to entertain sometimes 35/40 children for two whole hours. It’s humbling to know you’re doing something right when you’re back for the second and even third year running, as a completely new character each time, being welcomed with a trusting smile from those wonderful parents who believe in the company you work for and feel they can trust this team to bring to life the magic of their children’s favourite stories.

Speaking on behalf of the whole company, this job is very important to us. Within the company are freelance teachers, singers, actors, dancers and those studying for a career in the profession. This doesn’t, however, detract from how much we invest in what we do when it comes to parties/events. From planning party structures, prepping costumes and equipment, to the smallest details of knowing all about the characters we’re portraying so we’re ready for any questions your little ones may have (We know how inquisitive children can be, so it’s all about those tiny details!)

Keeping children engaged and entertained can be a daunting prospect if it’s not something you’re used to, and often doing so as a parent doesn’t always allow you to sit back, and watch your child enjoy themselves with their friends. With each character comes unique games and activities, tailored to your child’s age and personality, all details we have ahead of time. All of this together means that when it comes to the day of the party, once you’ve finished your food preparation and any decoration of the room you may want to organize, it gives you the chance as a parent to see your child truly being a child for a few hours, away from screens and gadgets, and instead being truly immersed in the magic of whatever theme you may have chosen.

So, if you are in any doubt about whether to book an AAP entertainer for your party, while I may seem biased to say, I believe that your child’s special day is in safe hands with this fantastic team, and we hope that we can be the ones to help to create those magical memories that will stay with you as stories to tell in years to come.”