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Why travel sometimes isn’t an option

Absolutely Amazing Parties is based centrally in Nottingham and we cover the East Midlands including Mansfield, parts of Lincolnshire, Derby, Leicester and the surrounding areas.

We can’t always guarantee that we are able to travel to your area and if you have been advised that you are too far away it may be for one of the following reasons:

  1. Changes to our Team – We have a core number of entertainers that have been with us some time but as with all jobs some leave and we engage new members.  Where we may have been able to travel to your area before we may no longer be able to.
  2. Limitations on Car Insurance  – Some of our younger team members have limited mileage as part of ensuring that their car insurance remains affordable – this means that we cannot ask them to make long journeys.
  3. Where our other bookings are that day – It may just not be feasible on this occasion – if we have a booking in Lincoln it is impossible to travel to a second booking which may be in Leicester – we assess this on a party by party basis.
  4. Travel is tiring and time consuming – Following the pandemic some entertainers simply decided they wanted to work in a specific geographical area to cut down on the amount of travel that there were doing.  Although we charge a mileage fee we don’t charge for the actual time it takes to physically travel.

‘But you charge mileage over a 20 mile radius – can we not just pay the extra?’

As mentioned above it is not that simple and we take into account a number of different factors, we realise that it may be disappointing but ultimately for the well being of our team travel is always at our discretion.

Thank you for your understanding.

Jayne xx