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Your Party Checklist – It’s almost time for your Absolutely Amazing Party!

It’s almost time for your Absolutely Amazing Party

It’s been in the planning for weeks.maybe even months but your party day is almost here!

Hopefully by now it will just be the final touches to your party, chasing up those final RSVP’s and sorting those last minute jobs. Your entertainment is sorted and remember we bring everything with us to entertain the children including lights, music games and prizes however you must remember the party bags, food and the birthday cake (and the candles plus a lighter / matches!).

What to do this week:

  1. Number of children – ​Please confirm the approx. number of children attending plus any changes you may have made.
  2. Final details ​- We have just sent your final party confirmation – You ​must ​read through all the details and ​ensure ​that everything is correct (including location, time and date) and advise us ​immediately of any errors.
  3. Payment – Please ​do not pay any final balances to the office.  You balance must be paid to your entertainer on the day in cash

On the day of your party

  1. Please note that our entertainer/ s ​must be able to park close to the venue ​to unload equipment. Please ensure that this is possible, or a space is reserved.  If there are any parking limitations or the car park is pay and display it is essential that you make your entertainer aware.
  2. Arrival time ​- Our party entertainer/s will need access to your venue a ​minimum ​of 30 minutes before the start of your party to set up the equipment needed for your party – if they need longer they will advise you. They will also need 30 mins to pack down. (Discos need 45 minutes to an hour).
    Timings – ​Your party entertainment must start at the agreed time. If there are any delays we must still finish the party at the agreed time as we may have other commitments we need to get to.
  3. Set up ​- Please note that when your party entertainer / s arrives to set up their equipment s/he will be in ‘civvies’ s/he will ​not arrive dressed as there is a lot of equipment to be carried in to your venue. We recommend that your child is kept away from the party room until the start of the party as to not spoil the illusion; the same applies when the party is over, your entertainer will get changed to pack down his/her equipment, so it is advised that children are kept away from the area.
  4. Payment ​- When your entertainer arrives please ensure that payment is made to them when they introduce themselves.
  5. Equipment ​- Please make sure that there is a table for the entertainer in the performance area that is a minimum of 4 feet across (6 feet is ideal) and 2 chairs that are positioned near a power socket.
  6. Changing ​- Your entertainer/s will need somewhere to get changed and safely leave their belongings (Toilets are not acceptable). We understand that many church halls are small and have limited additional space – we can usually work around this by changing in storage cupboards or behind stage curtains.
  7. Please keep little hands away ​- Please keep children / party guests away from any equipment that has been set up in preparation for the party – children must not be allowed to play with or touch any equipment.
  8. Space, Space, SPACE! We cannot stress enough how much space we need. Our parties are full of dancing, games, activities and more. If you are at home push back those sofas and take the coffee tables in the other room. A crowded party is never fun!
  9. NO LOOSE BALLOONS – Kids LOVE balloons, however having them at a party is a massive distraction and can make the smooth running of your party running extremely difficult for your entertainer.  They get used as footballs, weapons (our entertainers can get repeatedly hit with balloons and that is not fun) and they get burst which can be distressing to some of your little guests (some children are terrified of the bang).  Please do not have them on the floor, same goes for Helium balloons on ribbons.

What will happen at your party:

  1. Introductions ​- Your party entertainer will introduce themselves and run through what will happen at your party. All entertainers work within a framework for the party, but all will have their own special twist or stamp on how they run your party.
  2. Equipment – All equipment will be set up for the start of your party including mini disco (lighting and music system).
  3. Welcome ​- At the beginning of your party your entertainer will enter and welcome all the guests to the party.
  4. Organising the party ​- All aspects and control of the party can be left to us – we have plenty of experience in organising children – but we are not to have complete supervision of the children there must be at least one adult present always.
  5. We do NOT discipline guests!  Sometimes the fun and excitement can be overwhelming for a child. Once in a while, we may need a parental figure to step in and help with a child. If you see that one of the guests is interfering with a game or preventing the party from running smoothly, we ask that you kindly take care of the matter.
  6. Distractions – To get the maximum enjoyment from your booking please avoid any unnecessary distractions. We ask that you avoid bringing anything that can be used as a weapon or football.

When to serve food:

  1. For one-hour bookings your party will run for the first hour at which point the character will say goodbye and the children will sit down for their food.
  2. For 90-minute parties the party will run for 1 1⁄2 hours, the character will then say goodbye and the children will sit down for food.
  3. For two-hour bookings food should be served an hour into the party, your character / s will sit with the children during this time and lead singing of Happy Birthday. The party will then continue for another 30 minutes and the character / s will help hand out party bags at the end (provided by host /parents). The total time is 2 hours including the break for party food.

What we provide:

  1. All equipment​ needed to run the party including music and light equipment.
  2. All games and prizes.
  3. Coronation ceremony / superhero initiation / Jedi Diploma including gift for the birthday child.

What you should provide:

  1. The venue
  2. Party food and cake (and lighter)
  3. Party bags
  4. A suitable place for the character / s to get changed and securely leave their personal belongings ​(toilets are not acceptable) ​and a suitable place for them to hide before they make their grand entrance ​(again toilets are not acceptable).

Is there anything else I should be aware of?

Glitter and Fake Snow

Parties, especially Princess parties, can get quite messy with fake snow (made of plastic), glitter and wrapping paper. We also use a bubble machine, and an optional snow machine.

**Please check with your venue that they are happy with everything that we will be using** 

Allergies and Dietary Requirements

Please note that during the party small sweet treats will be given to the children including: 

  • White Chocolate and Chocolate Coins and Fizzy sweets
  • Haribo Sweets

Please advise of any allergies or dietary / religious requirements .

We hope you have a great party with us and please feel free to email on  or call the office on 07795 342639 with any questions you may have.