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Perry Spider Man Hire Grantham

“Hi, my name is Perry and they call me the Amazing Spider Man!

With over 2 decades of martial arts experience in the discipline of Kick-boxing starting at a young age of 10 I have mastered all kicks, ariel tricks with a solid fighting stance. Starting gymnastics with over more then a decade of experience along side the kick-boxing I was able to learn to tumble, flip, twist and spin combing all there into a creative element called Martial Arts Tricking in which you’ll see these tricks in blockbuster movies. By learning all these Tricks, and Stunts along side other sports that I temporarily gave a go up to a couple years of training, including Breakdancing, Parkour and capoeira I have a ton of tricks.  Moving into later years of my Training and journey I joined in cheerleading focusing on my strength and core training but mostly important performance, showmanship and encouragement to others I competed many elements of this sport including All level teams, stunt groups, World teams that travelled to Barcelona and Florida, I competed in my favourite category Solos performing all my Tricks, and Tumbles winning many competitions with my favourite becoming the Ice king at the ICE competitions Incredible cool events. With all the flips and tricks down I now train also in the regards of callisthenics, showing of handstands to impressive holds of just the hands With all my training experience I have coached and worked with children all ages various clubs, schools and businesses. I have a 2 fully enhanced dbs, and chaperone licence”

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