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No loose balloons please!

Hey there party planners!

With over 11 years of rocking the East Midland’s children’s parties, I’ve seen my fair share of shindigs. I’ve lost count, but I reckon I’ve danced my way through at least a thousand gigs. And let me tell you, I’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a party soar or sink, especially from the entertainer’s point of view.

Now, when you’re hiring an entertainer, you’re aiming for a stress-free blast, right? Well, that dream party takes a bit of teamwork between you and your performer. Communication is key! Take some time to chat with your entertainer and make sure they’re on the same page as you. Look, an entertainer who agrees to everything might not have the chops you’re after. Experienced entertainers? They’re like treasure troves of party wisdom. So, don’t shy away from picking their brains. Trust me, a smooth-sailing party is all about that teamwork. Chaos? No thanks!

Let’s talk balloons.

Balloons. Can’t have a bash without ’em, can you? They’re like instant party magic. But, hold up, they can also be the catalyst for chaos.

As an entertainer who’s all about keeping the party vibes chill, I walk a fine line between fun enforcer and buzzkill. It’s all about balance, folks. But let’s not forget, parties are meant to be fun! Yet, unchecked fun can quickly spiral into mayhem. Thankfully, there are ways to keep the peace.

First off, if you’re having balloons, keep ’em off the floor. I know, I know, sounds like a buzzkill move. But trust me, loose balloons can turn into rogue missiles in no time. And that squeaky, poppy noise? Not exactly party vibes, is it?

Now, if you’re having a free-play session, go wild with balloons on the floor. They’re a cheap and cheerful way to keep the little ones occupied. But if you’ve booked entertainment, keep the focus on the show. Too many distractions? Recipe for chaos, my friends.

Oh, and helium balloons? Beautiful, but keep those strings out of reach. Trust me, you don’t want a kiddo army claiming them all.

Remember, some kids aren’t balloon fans, especially those on the spectrum. Let’s keep the tears to a minimum, yeah?

So, here’s the lowdown:

  • Keep floor balloons away during entertainment time.
  • Helium balloons? String just above little grabby hands.
  • Secure helium balloons to chairs for extra flair.
  • Watch out for burst balloons – choking hazard!
  • And adults, let’s leave the balloon catapults at home, yeah?

Let’s keep the party vibes high and the chaos at bay!

Capturing Enchantment: Ronnie Lawson’s Magical Lens Chronicles the Heartwarming Santa and Elf Party at Beanblock Cafe, Newark

This Christmas Eve, Beanblock Cafe in Newark became the epicenter of enchantment as families gathered for a magical Santa and Elf party. The festivities, complete with games, Santa’s Grotto visits, and a heartwarming breakfast, were beautifully captured by the talented photographer, Ronnie Lawson. Families now have the opportunity to relive these cherished moments through Ronnie’s lens.

Santa’s Grotto Adventure

The heart of the celebration was Santa’s Grotto, where children embarked on a magical journey, one by one. Adorned with twinkling lights and festive decorations, the grotto provided the perfect setting for intimate conversations with Santa Claus. Ronnie Lawson skilfully captured the awe and wonder on the faces of children as they experienced the magic of Christmas.

Elf-Led Fun and Games
The cheerful singing elf Jingles, the life of the party, engaged children and families in a series of festive games. Laughter filled the air as the elf spread joy and merriment throughout Beanblock Cafe.

Breakfast Bliss for All

Beanblock Cafe not only offered magical experiences but also a delicious breakfast spread for both children and adults. From scrumptious pastries to hearty options, families were treated to a delightful meal that added to the warmth of the occasion.

Ronnie Lawson’s Photography

In the spirit of preserving memories, Ronnie Lawson expertly documented the entire event. Families had the opportunity to purchase their photographs with Santa, ensuring that the magic  could be cherished for years to come. Ronnie’s keen eye for detail and festive shots captured the essence of the celebration, making the photographs a treasured keepsake.

Community Bonding

The Santa and Elf party at Beanblock Cafe, documented by Ronnie Lawson, wasn’t just an event; it was a celebration of community and togetherness. Families from Newark and beyond came together to create memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Thanks to Ronnie Lawson’s photography, the magic of the Santa and Elf party at Beanblock Cafe will endure beyond the Christmas season. As families look back on these photographs, they’ll be transported to a time of joy, laughter, and enchantment. In the heart of Newark, this celebration, immortalised through Ronnie’s lens, exemplifies the magic that unfolds when community, festivities, and a touch of photography come together in perfect harmony.

Santa with his Naughty and Nice Book Santa and Elf at Beanblock Cafe Newark Santa and Elf at Beanblock Cafe Newark Santa and Elf at Beanblock Cafe Newark with owner Cate Santa and Elf at Beanblock Cafe Newark with owner Cate

Unwrap the Fun: Hire The Grinch, Your Interactive Christmas Companion!
Unwrap the Fun: Hire The Grinch, Your Interactive Christmas Companion!

Step into the enchanting world of Christmas with a twist! This festive season, add a touch of mischievous magic to your events by introducing The Grinch as your interactive Christmas character.

Get ready to experience a unique blend of Christmas cheer and playful antics that will leave everyone talking about your unforgettable Christmas celebrations!

Meet The Grinch: A Mischief-Maker with a Heart of Gold: Everyone knows The Grinch as the green, mean character who once stole Christmas, but now he’s undergone a festive transformation! Imagine The Grinch as your interactive Christmas companion, bringing laughter, joy, and a sprinkle of his signature mischief to your events.

Interactive Entertainment at its Best: What sets The Grinch apart is his ability to engage and entertain like no other. He’s not just a character; he’s an experience! From witty banter to mischievous pranks, The Grinch ensures that every moment is filled with laughter and joy. He’ll have kids and adults alike joining in the festive fun, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Why Choose The Grinch for Your Christmas Event?

  1. Interactive Fun: The Grinch is all about interactive entertainment. Let him mingle with the crowd, pose for photos, and even participate in games. Your guests will love being part of the action!
  2. Adaptable to All Ages: The Grinch appeals to both children and adults, making him the perfect addition to family-friendly events. His unique charm transcends age barriers, ensuring a magical experience for everyone.
  3. Holiday Spirit Redefined: While The Grinch may have started as a holiday curmudgeon, he’s now a symbol of redemption and joy. Showcase his heartwarming side and let him spread the true spirit of Christmas at your event.

Next Christmas, go beyond the ordinary and invite The Grinch to be the star of your celebrations. Let him weave a magical tapestry of laughter and joy, making your event truly unforgettable. Embrace the spirit of the season with The Grinch, your ultimate interactive Christmas character for hire. Book now and get ready to unwrap the fun!



Fairies at Crich Tramway Village

By Freya….

It was a sunny Bank Holiday weekend and I was excited to be working at Crich Tramway Museum for their Magical May event. I knew little about the popular Derbyshire tourist destination prior to that day, other than being told I had been when I was younger. The museum has links back to George Stephenson, and the facility offers vintage trams in a village serging with shops and even a working pub!

I arrived at 10.30am with my colleague Kate who drove us there and we enjoyed the views on the way. Despite promising to not be very warm, it turned out to be a pleasant day. The Museum is set on top of a hill near the Crich war memorial in Matlock. It offers outstanding views of the local countryside and is within easy reach of other well-known villages and tourist destinations within The Peaks.

The brief for the job was that we were to be Fairies in a Fairy village; we spent the day working outside in the magical forest and were grateful to have the weather on our side. We helped the visiting children to write down their wishes on pieces of card which they hung on the surrounding trees, with hopes that the Fairies would read their wishes & make them come true. I was almost tempted to make a wish myself!

There were a variety of wishes ranging from becoming a ‘yoonycorn’ through to wishing for a Billion dollars (I would have se>led for a Magnum ice cream!) We helped out the Mums and Dads by re-setting the children’s expectations for some of the more extravagant wishes. We also took photos with the children so that the memories could last forever.

The children were excited to meet Bluebell the Fairy Queen played by Katie and Blossom played by me. I loved my bright pink glittery dress complete with magical fairy wand, flower crown and sparkly wings – I really felt like a true fairy princess.

It was a busy day being on our feet all the time, so Katie & I took it in turns to sit on the Fairy Queen throne. Despite us meeting lots and lots of children that day the fairy village was spacious so there was room and time for everyone to enjoy themselves without feeling rushed or squashed.

It was an amazing day and I would highly recommend a visit. I can’t wait to go back with my family when I’m not working so that I can really experience everything that Crich has to offer, for example riding the old tramlines, the woodland walks and indoor and outdoor play areas. There really is something for everyone come rain or shine.

Freya xx

Fairy to hire Fairy Walkabout Characters Fairy Characters Fairy Hire Nottingham Woodland fairies for hire Fairy Character Entertainer

April 7 | Easter Party at the Woodside
Easter at the Woodside
We know we are only in February BUT our events at the Woodside always sell out super quick so it’s best to get in there early!
? The Woodside, 343 Ashgate Rd, Chesterfield S40 4DB
?️ 2 pm – 4 pm
? Good Friday (7th April 2023)
?️ Call to book: 01246 380004
With games, dancing, food as well as photo ops with our Wonderland Duo the afternoon will be FUN, FUN, FUN, well we are all mad here arn’t we!
☎️ 07795 342639
Rapunzel at Brookfields Garden Centre
Rapunzel at Brookfields Garden Centre
We have just heard that the Tower Princess will be making a surprise appearance at Brookfields Garden Centre TOMORROW (Wed 3rd August) between 3 and 4 pm!
Our Princess cannot WAIT to meet all the little Princes and Princesses – this is a FREE OF CHARGE event and all you have to do is go along to:
Brookfields Garden Centre,
431 Mapperley Plains,
Mapperley, Nottingham,
The Tower Princess will be wandering around and would love to have her picture taken with you – she might even tell you about life at the palace.
See you there!
#brookfields #brookfieldsgardencetre #meetaprincess #princessmeetandgreet
Batman Visits Gotham Village

Gotham City can be a dark and dangerous place, filled with all manner of dangerous villains who perpetually plot and scheme their various evil activities. The Joker, The Riddler, Two-Face and others are forever working to sow the seeds of chaos in the streets. It is a sprawling metropolis of gothic architecture, dark alleyways and a storied history.

Gotham Village in Nottinghamshire, by contrast, is a quiet and pleasant place, however, it has an equally storied history. Nicknamed by some as “The Village of Legends” it was formally acknowledged in the Batman comics in 1996 in a story titled “Cityscape”. The Village itself dates back to possibly the 10th century, and is pronounced “Goat-Um” which comes from the old English “Goat-Home” or “Goat Town”. It was in the 13th Century that the village first made a name for itself. It was announced that King John wished to build a hunting lodge in the area, however, should the King travel to the area, any local road he used would become a King’s Highway, this would, in turn, mean a hefty tax burden on the locals. They would not only have been expected to build this highway, but the responsibility of it’s upkeep would also fall to local workers. This gave rise to the story of “The Wise Men of Gotham” who hatched a plan to feign madness.


It was a commonly held belief at the time, that mental illness was infectious, thus the people of Gotham knew that if they all acted insane, the King’s road would be diverted. The story goes that when the King’s Knights and other representatives arrived in the area, locals collectively pretended to be insane, staging acts of madness and comical stupidity for the benefit of the King’s men. They reportedly observed locals engaged in acts such as fencing off a tree to keep a Cuckoo captive (Cookoo’s symbolise summer and it is thought the locals explained they were attempting to capture the summer), attempting to down an Eel, and attempting to roll cheese down a hill in the belief that it would make its own way to market. The story of “The Mad Men of Gothem” would go on to circulate for centuries.

Both towns, however, have one thing in common. When the sun goes down and the shadows grow long, a guardian patrols the night, one who’s name is spoken in hushed tones by the criminals and evil doers. A Dark Knight who defends the innocent and punishes the guilty, who can melt into shadow and sour over the rooftops, not a man, a creature of the night… a Bat Man… Our Absolutely Amazing Dark Knight recently visited Gotham and recruited some new superheroes for his team.

Bad Behaviour

Always a tough subject this one.  Being a Children’s Entertainer requires many skills, especially character entertainers.   Just by looking great in a costume and wig is one very small part, we have to be organised, great with kids, punctual and have the ability to think on our feet.

We don’t want to spend the party discipling naughty children – that is not why we are there

Bad behaviour at parties is disruptive and it’s disrespectful to everyone else there but especially the birthday child, the parent that has made the booking and the entertainer.

Previous incidents

Our entertainers have been hit, kicked, had their party equipment damaged, their prizes and sweets taken without asking – bad behaviour is damaging to the party industry – as professionals we don’t go to work to be physically abused and it’s a big reason why may entertainers are leaving the industry.

  • On playing pass the parcel an entertainer was kicked in the back because the child was demanding a turn
  • On running a party a child repeatedly punched an entertainer in the arm
  • A bubble machine was turned completely upside down spilling the contents all over the floor
  • A bubble machine was grabbed and the bubble fluid was tipped all over the entertainers music system
  • Prizes and sweets have been booted without permission
  • Children have gone into the entertainers changing area and tipped orange juice over their bags and belongings
  • At a star wars party an entertainer was repeatedly hit on the head with a light saber
  • Numerous incidents of banged heads and fights

The above is just an example of some of the issues that we have had recently and since the pandemic and returning to parties incidents have been more frequent and more aggressive.

Our entertainers are experienced at what they do but they are entertainers and they are there to do a job, if there are grown ups and parents at a party we expect them to step in if there is an issue with bad behaviour.

What can you do to help

  • BEHAVIOUR ISSUES – If there are children with known behavioural issues please make us aware before hand
  • NO LOOSE BALLOONS – We see this time and time again, the same with props. Loose balloons are either burst or the kids use them to hit each other with.  They are a MAJOR distraction – please do not have them.  Avoid any props as well.
  • KEEP DOORS CLOSED – Do not allow access to any outdoor areas – the kids need to be contained and kept together.
  • NOT LETTING THE CHILDREN TOUCH THE PARTY EQUIPMENT – We usually set up and then get changed into character, during this time please keep children away.
  • STEPPING IN – If you see that the kids are getting unruly please step in and help
It is not in our remit to discipline children when in the care of their parents/carers, we certainly wouldn’t want to be put in a position of upsetting anybody attending, and then receive a complaint for disciplining a child.
We are however very aware that children’s behaviour can be affected due to various underlying reasons, hence our terms and conditions state we cannot be held responsible for the behaviour of children attending, it is the role of the parent/carer to do so.
How to get the most out of your glow in the dark neon disco party


  1. The room must be completely dark (not pitch black but as close as) – any windows must be covered.  This is crucial to ensure that the UV blacklight cannons are effective.  The more light that comes into the room the less effective the blacklights will be.
  2. The closer you are to the black lights the more effective they will be. 
  3. Please ask your guests to wear Neon or white clothes so they glow. Cheap clothes are better as we will be using glow in the dark facepaints that can stain.   If anyone has concerns about clothing they must not participate in having any neon paint as it is inevitable (being kids) that it won’t just stay on their face. 
  4. For the first 15 – 20 minutes of the party the DJ will be playing whilst I will be doing very quick neon facepainting. The face painting is just spots and stripes so that the kids glow under the UV lights – so nothing intricate – just war paint!!.  
  5. We bring 100 glow sticks / bracelets with us as part of your party package.
  6. If you have a playlist / favourite music / favourite games that would be really helpful as we try and prep as much music as possible before hand.  Anything goes whether it’s chart or Disney etc.
  7. We need a minimum of 30 minutes before hand to set up – longer if we can – 45 mins to an hour is ideal. 
  8. Please do not have loose balloons as these are generally used as weapons to whack other kids with and can get out of hand as you can imagine…

Any questions please just give us a ring on 07795 342639.


Jayne xx


Apr 17 | Easter Bunny – Mercia Marina

Meet the Easter Bunny & Trixie Cottontail at Mercia Marina this Easter Sunday

When: Sunday 17th April

Time: 12 noon until 4 pm

Where: Mercia Marina, Findern Ln, Willington, Derby DE65 6DW

Cost: Free!

Easter Bunny at Mercia Marina